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Workshop: Outsiders

A closer look at their T100

The home of custom community in the Netherlands this workshop is creating both incredible custom Triumphs and new friendships…

We spotted Outsiders at the Bike Shed London show and the Triumph-based motorcycle stood out. Heavily customised, yet with functionality at its core, it was a bike that had an incredible flair despite its muted tones.

‘I never draw my ideas…’

Behind the brand and the bikes is Bertjan, an art graduate and ex-motorcycle mechanic. His approach is a perfect blend of aesthetic design and practicality. Choosing not to sketch his ideas out, Bertjan develops ideas in his mind.

“I never draw my ideas. There are always things that adapt and change as part of a build, and I find it’s best to develop and discuss these with a customer. Many times a customer will think they want something specific and it may look good in a picture, but I find it’s better if they trust me. A drawing and a finished bike are very different things.”

Everyone’s welcome

Outsiders was a big leap for Bertjan: “I had to drop it all and make it work – we’ve moved premises six times in only a few years for various reasons. I think we’ve settled on something that works now. It’s a combination of custom workshop, parts shop and community garage. We rent out workspace to anyone looking to work on their bikes. We also run workshops on maintenance skills.” Using his skills, knowledge and the workshop at his disposal, Bertjan embarked on his latest Triumph build…

Stripped back

Bertjan fills us in on his process for creating this beautiful custom Bonneville: “When choosing the starting point for a build, it always begins with a discussion. Choosing the right donor bike is key. I’ll get the customer to pick out some of their favourite custom bikes so I have a starting point to reference.”

Settling with a 2008 T100, Bertjan set to work. For something so stripped back, there are some pretty cool tech additions. “We made a custom tail light with the indicators running from one side to the other, like on the modern Audi cars. As we hadn’t made a custom tail light like this before, it took a little time to figure out how to integrate the light into the frame. As the front light has a bar through the middle, the frame accommodated this solution pretty neat as we made a hollow chamber in the frame.”

The results are neat and retro-futuristic. In a similar vein, the wheels are a great balance of spoked looks and blacked out: “They’re from Kineo Wheels in Italy – a company who make high-tech race stuff.”

After sourcing the wheels, they ran into a little bit of a hitch: there was only one set of forks that would fit these wheels. Those were from a 2016 MV Agusta Brutale. Thankfully, Bertjan managed to source the forks at Boonstra Parts, also in the Netherlands.

Pairing the wheels with supermoto Dunlop Sportmax Mutant tyres is a genius move. The bike looks like it would go as fast on dirt tracks as it would on the street. A very utilitarian-looking seat and subframe let any onlookers know it has no unnecessary luxuries.

The exhaust needed to be ‘loud’, according to Bertjan’s client: “We fitted Spark GP mufflers – they did the trick! The guy we made it for is used to parachuting – and after he took a blast around the block on this bike he said it was like free falling.”

With verdict Bertjan’s work was done. Head to Outsiders to find out more about the team building customs and communities.

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