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Workshop: Heiwa MC

Japanese custom Triumphs

We’ve been watching Heiwa MC closely over the years as they’re producing some of the most amazing prize-winning bikes we’ve ever seen. Beautiful lines and muted colours dominate these builds and they’re from the eye of master craftsman Kengo Kimura.

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Heiwa MC was in fact born from the desire to customise a Triumph, as Kengo himself explains: “I opened Heiwa in Hiroshima City in 2005, primarily because I wanted to make custom Triumph frames incorporating my ideas and details using old engines.”

After a number of Triumph builds, Kengo struck gold with a 2003 Bonneville, featured at the top of this page (and in the video below) and winning awards at the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show.

The design process varies from builder to builder and bike to bike, yet Heiwa has a consistent style, so we asked Kengo about his approach.

“I do not draw the whole design at first because it inevitably ends up just like that initial picture. However, I do write down and draw the details I want to achieve.”

His latest build is a TR6-based Triumph called the Dirty Pigeon – also an award winner.

“My style is to finish it simply. I like motorcycles with more attention to detail than flashy looks. I like working on all bikes, but I especially like the Triumph engine’s simple design and light and fast performance. At the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show this year I will make a Triumph with a pre-unit engine for the first time in a long time. It is going to be a compact design. Watch this space!”

Take a look at Heiwa MC’s other Triumph builds and at the latest Triumph Bonnevilles to start your own custom.