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What’s happening at Wheels and Waves 2019?

In its eighth year of bringing the two greatest ways to ride (surfing and biking) together, Wheels and Waves 2019 promises to be a true classic.

With a programme that ‘heads back to the roots’ of the festival, Wheels and Waves will be running from 12 to 16 June and will include all of its original events, plus a few extra surprises too.

Set in the beautiful seaside city of Biarritz in France, festival-goers can enjoy some thrilling bike rides, test out the surf, or just enjoy all that the ‘Cite de l‘Ocean’ village has to offer.

Seaside adventures

The village at the hub of the festival is the perfect place to chill between races, surfing or skating and is home to the speakers, musicians and film premieres, which continue across all five days.

Films and speakers for 2019 are yet to be announced, but previous years have seen artists like Japanese signwriter Naoto Hinai and creator Jay Nelson take to the stage, alongside premieres of films like Surfers’ Blood and Sugar & Spade.

Speed, endurance and track racing

Wheels and Waves’ three classic races will be taking place on the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of the festival.

The Punk’s Peak Sprint Race sees competitors’ vintage models take on the coastline tracks of Jaizkibel mountain, promising breathtaking views and plenty of smoking tyres.

For a dirtier ride, bikers head to the Hippodrome de San-Sebastian, a horse racing track that, for one day only, turns into the El Rollo Flat Track Race, filling the air with dust and the roar of customised engines.

Or, for a more picturesque, relaxed time on the road, there’s an endurance race that starts at Saint-Pee-sur-Nivelle and gives riders the chance to sit back and take in the scenery.

Surf ‘n’ skate

Those who fancy getting in among the waves can try out their skills at the Log Invitational Surf Contest on the Plage de la Milady, which is more casual than competitive boarding. Or, for those who prefer to keep their feet on wheels there’s the Hit the Deck Skate Contest where boarders can flip, trick and skip all day long.