Inspiration: Workshop

One of the BA Moto riders relaxes in the desert with his retrofitted 1969 Triumph Daytona

WATCH: Vintage Street Twins in the desert

Repair, maintain and race

Nate Hudson reveals the three ‘ultimate cool’ inspirations behind BA Moto’s repair, maintain and race philosophy, which is bringing five-decades-old Triumphs to life to kick sand in the faces of modern-day pretenders.

Inspired by his 50s-motorcycle-racer dad Marion Hudson, Nate and the guys at the Californian custom house took 1969 T100 Daytonas and retrofitted them to ‘do something they weren’t designed for’ in the sand of a Baja California Desert rally on the nearby Mexican peninsula.

The British American team are good too. They’ve beaten the modern entrants to get the old Twins across the line for the last two years to keep the Triumph legacy alive in the most unlikely of places.

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