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WATCH: Triumph’s Jekyll and Hyde bike review

Unleash adventure

christophCritic Christoph Lentsch reveals why the new Tiger Explorers’ split personality makes them the perfect bike for all comers.

The 1000PS editor has hauled more than 600 bikes through their paces in the last decade and a half, so his take on the new XC and XRs is interesting.

He told FTR: “My favourites are perfectly constructed and balanced superbikes and true, hand-made heritage-bikes that reflect the character of the rider.”

“Triumph makes life easier for you. Choose from a variety of eight Tiger Explorer models with different sets of features and add some of the 50+ accessories to create the customised adventure-bike of your dreams.”

“The electronic driving aids are state-of-the-art, the look-and-feel even more rugged and intimidating and that 1215 cc triple has Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in it.”

“Ride easily and it will guide you comfortably through everyday traffic. But as soon as you unleash those 139 horses they will start running and running to carry you to your wildest adventures.”