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WATCH: Tigers cross the Bonneville Dam

See See and the Ramblin’ Blues

When legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie was invited to Portland, Oregon by power company bosses to extol the virtues of the Bonneville Dam in song, he left inspired.

“The area’s got mineral mountains. It’s got chemical deserts. It’s got rough run canyons. It’s got sawblade snowcaps. It’s got ridges of nine kinds of brown, hills out of six colours of green, ridges five shades of shadows and stickers the eight tonnes of hell.”

So besotted was he by the raw beauty of the Pacific Northwest and power of the Columbia River, he wrote 26 songs in a month back in 1941.

Good enough reason for See See Motorcycles’ Thor Drake, dirt riding icon Drake McElroy and the creatives from META crew to see what all the fuss was about. Join them on their Tigers for a charming musical trip in Guthrie’s footsteps.