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WATCH: The motorcycle video all of India is talking about

Beauty and the Bonnie’s secret of eternal youth

gul2“Motorcycling isn’t solely about bikes. It’s a means to a greater end, it’s about spending time with the people in your life, about rediscovering the child in us. These things help you enrich your life.”

If former beauty queen and actress Gul Panag’s life-affirming endorsement doesn’t convince you, then perhaps the 44th second of this 59-second film will do the job.

She joined her corporate lawyer brother for a dawn ride as the Indian city of Mumbai rubbed the sleep from its eyes in the first of a planned series of eye-opening new shorts.

Gul, who rode a new Bonneville T120, says: “I wanted the film to capture what riding means and it was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done in my life.

“My brother was on a Street Twin, and the bikes were accessories to the good time we had. You can see the bond between us… we are both all grown up now and sometimes you can forget that bond existed. It’s one of the small joys in life and it was lovely to rediscover it.”

The brief video was filmed at 3am and followed Gul and her brother, Sherbir Panag, as they rode past the tea stalls, train stations and docks as the city’s market traders set up for the day.

“Normally, I meet him for a drink and dinner now and again, but this beat the hell out of that. We mucked around and teased each other like proper siblings and it was probably the first time we’d done that since I was 15.”

Flushed with success after this, their first video, Gul’s production company TLP and its director Monisha are now planning to follow a series of iconic figures on rides around India.
“We want to create a Hall of Riding and show them doing things they’re not normally associated with, to show what they’re really like behind their public persona,” Gul says.
“That’s easy to do on a motorcycle because it’s a great vehicle, literally, for storytelling, and when you’re on a Triumph, you can get some sexy shots as well. The joy of riding is sublime and I hope that comes across in the video.”