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WATCH: The inspirational Street Twin escape

Thai secret to record success

Hit singles don’t come easy so when he’s searching for the perfect beat, Reverend and the Makers drummer Ryan Jenkinson loves to find inspiration in the saddle.

And it was no different when record label bigwigs arrived at the band’s recording studio in Thailand to watch the guys lay down the first single for their May scheduled album.

But with the pressure on, a short break in recording was just the excuse Ryan needed to jump on a Matt Black Street Twin and head to the nearby fishing village to recharge his batteries.


“I’ve got to say that when the heat’s on there’s nothing like escaping on a bike. You come back refreshed, revitalised and ready to rock and roll… literally,” he said.

“After I’d finished tracking drums for the album, I got out on the bike. Riding the smooth, twisty rural roads of Thailand was easily the most fun I’ve ever had on two wheels.”

Ryan admits he “lorded it up” over his band mates, who were all supplied with scooters at their residential studio in Bang Saray just down the coast from Pattaya.

“The studio was absolute paradise. When we arrived the whole band got excited about the mixing desk, the equipment and even the pool, but for me the most exciting thing was the Triumph Street Twin waiting in the garage,” said Ryan.


“I’ve always been a bit of a petrolhead, but after going on a factory tour around Triumph and being blown away by the magic that happens behind the factory doors, there was only ever one bike I was going to own.”

After memorable stints on a Bonneville in California, a Speed-Triple at Tridays Austria and his evergreen Street Triple RX at home in the UK’s music city of Sheffield, the bar was set.

In the studio

But Ryan said: “Thailand is a nation of motorcycle lovers. You see families of five on 125cc mopeds and everywhere I left the Triumph, people flocked to it. They were all enthralled by the Bonneville’s classic lines.

“When it comes to creating a great album like we think we’re currently working on, you need to have time away from the studio or you can lose your edge. Perhaps Thailand and Triumph should get a credit on the new album cover.”