Inspiration: Workshop

Custom Triumph Bonneville motorcycle by Injustice Customs

Vintage-inspired T120 Bonneville

Swedish custom styled on Triumph's beginnings

Vintage logo, aluminium tank pads and beautiful diamond stitch tan seat: Anton Knutsson of Injustice Customs knows how to put together a good-looking motorcycle. He tells the story behind the bike.

Anton from Injustice Customs Bonneville T120
Anton in his Stockholm workshop                  Photos: Alex Aalto


I was contacted by a customer, a guy called Jesper, who hadn’t had a bike for the past 10 years and was longing to be back in the saddle. There’s nothing quite like those late-night summer rides by the sea on the Swedish west coast to draw you back into motorcycling.

Custom Triumph Bonneville motorcycle by Injustice Customs

He wanted something elegant and powerful but without the riding position of a cafe racer. I said immediately, ‘Let’s build a scrambler with a touch of vintage style based on the new Bonneville T120’. We went to the local dealer for a test ride and he was hooked on the new T120. The combination of power, brakes and chassis was a huge improvement on what he had been riding 10 years ago.

Old-school methods

I still work kind of old school – no CAD and nearly no sketches are shown for the customer during the process. My thoughts are that if you present a perfect sketch in the beginning of the process, it makes everything that doesn’t end up as the picture seem like a failure – even if you’ve made some changes for the better. So Jesper was brave to drop off his brand-new Bonneville and a box with money in, at my workshop and just hope for the best.

Vintage look

My idea was that to the untrained eye (as the bike passes by) you would think it’s a vintage bike. I wanted classic looks with the modern chassis, super-safe ABS brake system, reliable fuel injection and the massive power output that the new Bonneville T120 delivers.

Aluminium fenders were a must, together with the cognac diamond stitch seat made from the finest Italian leather – this one could be parked up in front of any fancy espresso bar anywhere in the world.

Custom Triumph Bonneville motorcycle by Injustice Customs

The tank is painted in a special graphite grey metallic with hand-painted logos in vintage white. We went for the logo that Triumph Motorcycles used between 1907 and 1914.

Instead of OEM rubber kneepads, we painted brushed aluminium kneepads to match the fenders and get the illusion of an aluminium fuel tank, as would be found on vintage Triumphs. The Union Jack on the sidecovers is a replica from a worn-out rock concert T-shirt from the 80s, painted to look bleached and worn to add a more vintage style to the look.

Custom Triumph Bonneville motorcycle by Injustice Customs

The ride

It’s an amazing bike to ride. The wider tyres make it a bit smoother to ride and the exhaust and fuel injection modifications deliver some impressive power.

This is our first build based on the new generation of Modern Classics from Triumph and I must say that I’m impressed. I didn’t realise how much effort and technology Triumph has put into the new bikes.

Jesper’s reaction to Anton’s build: “It has been an exciting and awesome process to follow all the different stages during the build of my bike. I wanted something classic, elegant, retro and 100% unique and that was exactly what Anton and Injustice Customs come up with. The power in the new Bonneville T120 is amazing and the sound from the Zard race-spec exhaust wakes up the whole neighbourhood…I’m in love with this bike and it won’t be my last custom project!”

Custom Triumph Bonneville motorcycle by Injustice Customs