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Foxe Band Triumph

Triumph to pioneer new music project

Unsigned band handed big break

“All the best rides have a soundtrack, even if it’s only in our heads,” insists Mark Richardson, rock drummer and Triumph ambassador.

“Being on a motorcycle gives you time to think, so when I was on the Thruxton launch in Portugal, enjoying some stunning scenery, I got to thinking about how to combine the two,” he says. On his return, Mark, in conjunction with Triumph, a wellbeing mentor at Surrey’s Guildford College of Music, cast the net for 50 of the most promising unsigned bands in the UK and gave them a simple brief: capture the emotion of the ride in music.

Foxe Band

Mark, a Tiger XCA rider and drummer with Skunk Anansie and Feeder, says: “I was chatting with Miles Perkins at Triumph about the links between riding and music and we started thinking about how we could combine the two.

“There are so many unsigned bands out there, but the music industry is at saturation point in terms of promotion and airtime. That got us thinking about how we could offer an opportunity to one of them. After all, there could be lots of Coldplays or Beyoncés out there that just haven’t had the chance.”

Exciting and innovative

The result, which will see Triumph blazing a pioneering musical trail, is set to be a fresh and innovative collaboration. The bands were whittled down to a handful who were asked to play a track that would complement a motorcycle riding video by, as Triumph’s Head of Global Brand Manager Miles Perkins puts it, “turning metal into emotion”.


Then FOXE appeared – a three-piece indie pop band whose high-intensity guitar-based tunes are packed full of earworm potential, as guests of the Bobber Black and Speedmaster launch party will testify.


Foxe Band

Factory Visitor Experience opening

After listening to all the tracks, FOXE were chosen to be involved in both the new Factory Visitor Experience opening and bike launch at Hinckley and in music for new motorcycle films to come.

Miles says: “When we create a bike video, we look to capture the emotion of the perfect ride and one of the best ways to achieve that is through music. It elevates the ride and creates a mood, and FOXE have a style and a sound that we think is absolutely great for some of our upcoming Bonneville videos.”

The two-man, one-woman group, who have just graduated from music school, are being lined up to perform the soundtrack for some exciting new videos in the pipeline to celebrate the Bonneville and Street family of bikes. Mark is adamant their style, which mixes energetic guitar with slower moody vocals, will sit perfectly in the background.

Right place, right time… hard work

Drummer Mat Turrell, who makes up the band with bass guitarist Antonia Pooles and singer George Rose, says: “This was very much a case of right place, right time, a bit of luck and a lot of hard work.

“It’s massively exciting to think that we’re working with one of the world’s biggest motorcycle brands. We’ve been together two years just enjoying our music and having fun, and this is the next exciting chapter.”