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Triumph Tiger 1200

Tiger 1200: development

Q&A with head of engineering

The new Tiger 1200 is here and it’s one of the most tech-packed adventure bikes on the market – but how did it get to that point? FTR caught up with Head of Engineering Stuart Wood at EICMA to talk about Triumph’s development process.

Q. What makes the Tiger 1200 so successful?

A. When we launched the Tiger it had a huge amount of technology: semi-active suspension, corner-optimised traction control and ABS. It also had on- and off-road modes. The 1200 has long been a technically advanced motorcycle.

Q. What are the key areas of improvement for this latest model?

A. We’ve added so much more. Now the bike has TFT instruments, illuminate switch cubes, LED headlights with active cornering and shift assist, all while reducing the mass of the bike significantly.

Triumph Tiger

Q. How did you approach developing this new model?

A. When thinking about a new iteration of the 1200 it’s very much an internal process. We're not often looking at competitors, as we want to surpass what they're doing. We look at the capabilities of the bike and work with our suppliers who offer the latest technologies they are working on. The Tiger 1200 is designed and developed for all road conditions, whether surfaced or not. The Tiger 1200 has undergone rigorous on and off road testing to prove its all-road competence and durability. Mileage testing is complemented by accelerated whole-bike durability testing and high speed engine rig testing.

Q. What’s next in the process?

A. We then test the new technology with our customers, doing regular focus groups. The riders are the most important element. We have to make sure all the technology we introduce is practical and improves the Tiger experience. Everything is thoroughly reviewed, tested and retested.

Eicma reveal of the 1200

Q. What do you feel this new 1200 has achieved over its predecessor?

A. Bringing the weight down was another big aim for this version of the 1200 and it has made the bike more capable than ever before. With complex technology, the development time is a long one, but what we feel we’ve achieved is to deliver the best in class at this time.

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