Inspiration: Workshop

Phantom Blaze Custom Triumph Thruxton R

The Phantom Blaze

A supercharged Thruxton R

Triumph and custom shop Mellow Motorcycles joined forces last year to create a supercharged Thruxton R. Designed to go fast, very fast, this blue beauty is something of a masterpiece. Wheeled into the St Paul’s cathedral to mark the 60th Anniversary service of the famous ’59 motorcycle club, the bike stole the show. FTR takes a closer look at the creation, craftsmanship and spec.

Triumph approached Germany-based Mellow Motorcycles at Glemseck 2017 – a sprint race in Germany where quick speeds in straight lines are the name of the game – after Mellow founder Flo Herbert won with his team. It was then his job to build a Triumph for the 2018 event.

Working closely with Chris from the Triumph plant in Hinckley and Paul of Sugarmountain Customs, the Mellow team chose a Triumph Thruxton R and conjured up the sky-blue beauty called Phantom Blaze.

Flo Hubert explains: “The collaboration has worked great at all levels. I especially want to highlight the close coordination with the Triumph colleagues in England who helped us with the optimisation of the engine. With the German Triumph team we developed a really great team spirit during the races at Glemseck 2018. I am also very proud of my team at Mellow Motorcycles: everyone did their best and showed passionate commitment.”

In the workshop, the tasks were clearly distributed: technician Chris took care of the compressor and skilled machinist Paul was responsible for the handmade panelling. The front of the Phantom Blaze consists of three custom-made sheet metal parts, which combine to give the elegant shape of a racing bike. For the extra power for the sprint, the supercharger and compressor at 1,200 cm3 engine delivers 142bhp, so – at only 218kg – it’s a light sprinter that is propelled to lightning speeds.

The result is more than impressive. Visually, the Phantom Blaze confidently sticks to its Modern Classic roots but combines them with a good deal of aggression and the necessary power to win on the short-haul race.

The Phantom Blaze by Team Triumph/Mellow Motorcycles

  • Base: Triumph Thruxton R
    Compressor-charged 1,200 cc twin-cylinder with additional radiator
  • 142 hp
  • Supercharged Thruxton R mapping
  • Fully refuelled 218kg
  • Sky blue handmade aluminium full cover
  • Extended, CNC machined mellow swingarm
  • Wilber’s struts
  • LSL levers
  • Rennslicks from Metzeler
  • Titan rear silencer from SC Project
  • Seat with leather/alcantara mix by Tailor Leathers
  • SIA/Sika ‘Spirit of 59’ paint