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Triumph launch new exhibit

Special exhibit at Visitor Experience

Racing heritage celebrated at Triumph HQ

To celebrate the introduction into Moto2, Triumph launched a new exhibit and hosted an exclusive evening with surprise guests who sat on a celebrity panel.

Anyone could attend this first evening of its kind. To mark this new exhibit launch Triumph launched something completely new – it’s opened its factory doors and offered a ‘evening with…’ exclusive to 80 guests.

Before the panel began the crowd gathered to watch the hero motorcycles of the exhibit ridden down the Avenue of Legends to the Factory Visitor Experience entrance. A static museum, the Triumph Visitor Experience is not. How many museums ride their exhibits in? Especially when it’s a 1948 bike and a cutting-edge 2018 prototype – an incredible 50-year-gap.

The exhibit, called Triumph Racing Champions, showcases the rarest and most valuable Triumph Grand Prix racers in history including Ernie Lyons’ 1946 Tiger 100 (the first twin engine to win at the Isle of Man), six immaculately restored original Triumph Grand Prix race motorcycles and, on public display for the first time anywhere, Triumph’s Moto2 engine development prototype.

Deafening duet

The anticipation grew as the rumble of the bikes rose. The sheer power of the new engine makes itself known through the exhaust of the Moto2 machine, and the throaty, fire-breathing rumble of the classic TT-winner made for a pleasantly deafening duet.

Pulling off their helmets, it was revealed that the riders are Steve Parrish aboard the classic and Gary Johnson on the prototype. “I nearly just kept riding down the road [out of Triumph HQ], it’s such a great bike.” Steve joked.

Featured on the Q&A panel was Dick Shepherd – a Triumph collector who provided most of the display exhibits – Steve Parrish and Gary Johnson alongside Triumph Head Engineer Steve Sargent and Triumph Head of Brand Miles Perkins.

Cows on the road…?

Gary Johnson was quizzed by Steve Parrish about his Isle of Man TT exploits whereby Gary gave the unique insight that only a TT-winner can. “It’s unlike anything in the world. The thrill of not knowing what’s around the next corner – there could literally be a cow – keeps me coming back.” Gary reveals, which causes a ripple of laughter, but gives a view into the intense nature of road racing.

Talking about the Moto2 endeavour, Miles Perkins and Steve Sargent then take questions from the floor. Servicing, plans for the future, smaller capacity motorcycles and ways to increase availability of the factory tours were discussed – fans with burning questions could ask the guys in the know.

Far from Triumph being under interrogation, the evening was light-hearted, full of the laughter and fun you get when you bring people who love motorcycles together.

FTR caught up with a couple of the audience to find out what they thought.

Steve Lewis: “I think it’s great. Sat up there on the stage willing to take any questions from the floor is a really honest and open thing for a big company to do. I’m a huge Triumph fan so I’m a little biased, but it’s been such an entertaining evening.”

Adrian Page: “It’s a credit to the company. Fantastic event. I’m told they’ll be doing more of these and I think that’s a great thing. It’s a good opportunity to get involved with the brand you love and to offer our own insights to the guys at the top, and to hear their future plans.”

With more on the way, keep your eyes on Triumph’s social channels and Factory Visitor Experience page. The Racing Champions exhibit is available to visit until the end of November 2018.