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Route guide: Mugello to Misano

Italian motorcycle mecca

With the next Moto2 race being hosted at the Mugello Circuit near Scarperia, in Italy, FTR got in touch with Peter-Jan Willems from Motorcycle Diaries to create a route that will give riders a taste of what the Mugello Circuit is like to ride, transferred out on the roads of Tuscany.

Both flamboyant and beautiful, the Mugello track treats its riders to a set of challenging bends and thrilling straights, all set in stunning Tuscan countryside. It is because of this landscape that Peter-Jan starts the route at the circuit.

“The SP503, which starts in Scarperia and heads north towards Firenzuola, gives you about 20km of road to enjoy. It is an amazing road with very good asphalt that undulates in the landscape from hill to hill. There are also forests and open areas, and the flow of the corners is really great. It’s an amazing way to discover the hills and countryside around the Mugello track,” says Peter-Jan.

Feel the flow of the road

Once riders reach Firenzuola, the route changes to the SP610. Passing through several towns along the way, this road will give you some great views of the surrounding countryside, as well as a few beautiful stopping points. The Ponte in Schiena of Asino, Castel del Rio and the 12th-century town of Borgo Tassignano are just a few.

“The road starts with a nice flow and then heads into more of a straight as it approaches a flatter landscape near Borgo. Once you reach Borgo Tassignano, you have a couple of options of where to ride next: you can carry on up the SP610 or take the road parallel to it on the other side of the river. The roads are similar to ride, but the route off the SP610 is quieter and gives closer views of the river.”

Discover a new track

“While you’re in the region, why not go and see as many bike tracks as possible?”

This route takes you to the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola is iconic in the car world after hosting Formula 1 for many years. Also a previous MotoGP circuit, it will be part of the Superbike tour this year. The track holds guided tours and public open days throughout the year.

“The circuit requires a totally different riding style to the Mugello one. So it’s definitely worth a visit. It’s also the end point for this leg of the trip; from here you head back south.”

Città Metropolitana di Firenze

Enjoy lunch, or a bath

From the Imola track, take the SP65 down to Riolo Terme, a town that’s known for its history, cuisine and, more significantly, its thermal spas. With a full spa park and a piazza brimming with restaurants, it’s a must-stop.

“The SP65 is a small road that flows up and down through many vineyards and down to Riolo Terme. I’d recommend stopping here for lunch. There are loads of places that serve delicious food, including the local shallots.

“Once you’ve eaten, head out of the town on the SP23 towards Brisighella. Here, there’s a corner that goes up a great incline. It reminds me of the San Donato corner on the Mugello track. The only thing missing is the long straight before it.”

Twist and turn through countryside

After you reach Fognano, take the SP63 up into the hills and over to the towns of Zattaglia and Casola Valsenio. A challenging ride, the road skirts the edge of the Regional Park of the Vena Del Gesso Romagnola, a valley known for its silvery grey ridges and chalky outcrops.

“Once you’ve climbed the hills via the SP63, you’ll enter a very small, very twisty road, which will test out your bike’s cornering ability. Head up all the way to Casola Valsenio and then take the SP306 south for several miles down to Palazzulo sul Senio before taking the SP477 for the last leg of the journey.”

Treat yourself to an espresso

The roads SP477 and SR302 will take you to one of the best known towns in the area, Borgo San Lorenzo. Famous for its churches and its religious history, this is the perfect place to stop on your way back to Scarperia.

“Scaperia has some great places to stop off for coffee too, but the road to Borgo is small and tricky, which is why there are always so many bikes on the route. Plus, after all the cornering on this route, enjoying a coffee on a cafe terrace in Borgo is the perfect way to relax.”

Many thanks to Motorcycle-Diaries for photography and info.

Borgo, Province of Massa and Carrara