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On my way

Discovering the tranquillity of the Yorkshire Dales on my Street Triple

Dear For The Ride,

It was a fresh, crisp October day and what better way to spend it than on my Street Triple?

I am a member of the Curvy Riders Motorcycle Club, where several members own Street Triples, but on this particular day I was out riding with 30 bikers from the FJ Club. It was an organised ride-out around the Yorkshire Dales, which happens to be one of my favourite places to explore on my bike. Yorkshire is so tranquil, with breathtaking views. Every time you turn a corner the landscape is so picturesque, it simply takes your breath away.


I would say that it’s never too late – the more I ride, the more my passion grows.

Jacqui Storey

I started riding five years ago when I was 43. I have always wanted to ride and have loved bikes from a very young age. I’ve ridden pillion before but felt the time was right to take control myself! And I’ve never looked back. I would say that it’s never too late – the more I ride, the more my passion grows.

My first bike was an SR125, then after passing my test I bought the Yamaha XJ6 and recently felt I wanted a bike with more power and agility. I did some research and heard great reviews of the Street Triple as it is light, easy to manoeuvre and just flows around bends. It’s just a dream to ride.

Since I bought the Triple, I feel my performance in riding has improved immensely and I have gained more confidence, especially after doing a track day. Every time I go out I always come back smiling as it truly is a pleasure to ride, no matter how long or short the journey is.

Through biking I have met many wonderful people who share the same love and passion. It’s one big family.

Many thanks Jacqui