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WATCH: Triumph TRW unveiled after 60 years

Search is on for mystery rider

Almost 60 years ago a young man walked into a bike store and handed over $100 deposit on a brand new Triumph TRW 500. To this day he has yet to return to the store in Calgary, Canada to collect the 1957 bike, which has remained in its original import crate.

Now the search is on to find the mystery rider who was so desperate to snap up the bike, which was on sale for around $700 at the time but would be worth closer to USD$34,000 today.

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The bike, used by dispatch riders in the Canadian army after the war, is one of only hundreds left around the world and would still turn over first time if assembled.

Father and son Crown Surplus store owners Gordon and John Cumming have never taken the bike out of its box and believe it’s better that way. “It’s worth more in the box,” John told Canada’s Global News. “It’s like a Star Wars figurine or whatever.”

TRW 500
British icon: A 1952 TRW similar to the ’57. Pic by classic bike photographer Mark Rogan

They reckon the rider, who would now be in his 80s, simply forgot about his initial investment and never came back.

A would-be Calgary buyer offered CA$20,000 for the crated Triumph, but they decided not to sell because they want to trace the original buyer.

In a plea to the buyer, John said: “If you still want her she’s here. Just bring your receipt.”