Inspiration: Big Trip

“My Street Triple A2 surprise”

Swedish adventurer goes back to his roots

Magnus Petersson rode home to Stockholm through the mountains, valleys and police checkpoints of Thailand, Burma, Nepal and India on a Tiger Explorer when his stay in Australia came to an end.

When FTR asked him to share a few of his favourite rides closer to his ‘sleepy town’ birthplace of Borensberg in the heart of Sweden’s Östergötland County on a Street Triple S A2, we were worried he might think the mission a little mundane. Not a bit of it. Here’s his take on the three best undiscovered roads of his homeland and his first impressions of the bike.

The real Sweden

“I wanted to take the bike somewhere I knew, so I headed back to where I grew up. It’s a really nice part of southern Sweden that riders tend to neglect because they head for the cities,” he explains.

“I chose three routes that each have their own attributes, so you can see the real Sweden in a day or so rather than hanging out by the coast like most riders do.”

Hjortkvarn to Torpöns Färjeläge on Roadtrippers

  1. Hjortkvarn to Borensberg

“You’ll love this route if you like forests. It has a lot of nice broad, winding but beautifully balanced bends, which are perfect for sports bikes like the Street and Speed Triples. To be honest, any of the modern classics would lap it up. Every now and then you’ll come up to a traditional Swedish red house with white corners and you’re in no doubt that this is the real Sweden, which is what sets this ride apart from the big city rides.”

  1. Borensberg to Skänninge

“This is a must-ride route for big, panoramic views. It’s open and airy and the visibility here is like nothing else. All you can see are fields full of yellow and green crops in between some amazing corners, which completely change the view in an instant. There’s no traffic on any of these roads either because this part of Sweden is quite scarcely populated, which makes the ride even more special.”

  1. Boxholm to Torpöns Färjeläge

“If you’ve ever wanted to ride a Triumph on water, then this is the ride for you… sort of. The road curves around Sommen Lake and the bends are so close to the water, you actually feel like you’re gliding on the surface. You’re literally inches away, so go another second and you feel like you’d be in the water, which is a pretty cool feeling. There’s no traffic, so in reality it’s easy to focus on getting the bends just right.”

Verdict: Street Triple S A2

“The roads I chose were winding and I didn’t really notice or quickly forgot that it wasn’t a fully powered bike. It’s got a lot of mid-range grunt, and is nimble and capable, especially on these kind of roads. I’d have probably felt it on the highway, but if that’s not where you usually go it’s not an issue.

“It won’t give you that high-level kick but the mid-range is fully there. It has a lot of torque anyway, but keep it in a high gear and you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

“Certainly every time I stopped people wanted to take a look because it looks and sounds great. No one realised it was a limited version and when I told them, they didn’t believe me.

“It’s definitely the perfect bike to start out on but still look cool. The beauty is the way it looks and revs – no one knows it’s an A2, which is quite a cool thing on a first bike.”