Inspiration: Interview

Meet the Scrambler Brothers

Bonded by their love of the ride

Passionate about riding, and creating beautiful videos on their Scramblers, Luke and Amos Adams have amassed over 5k followers on Instagram and have found away to connect with each other through their love of bikes and photography.

Living 14 hours apart is tough for Luke and Amos. The two middle brothers of a four-sibling family, taking pictures and creating films outside their home in Warsaw, Indiana, was their favourite childhood pastime.

Years before they realised their passion for motorcycles, Luke, who now rides a 2010 Scrambler, remembers himself and his brother experimenting with a camera as a way to have fun and express themselves.



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“We lived in a small town, so there wasn’t really much to do,” says Luke. “So when the family bought a video camera, we used to spend hours outside directing and messing around with stuff. All before the internet and YouTube even existed.

“We’ve always been creative partners and very visual people, so I guess that taking pictures and video of our bike rides and putting them on our Scrambler Brothers Instagram page was just a natural progression of that.

That McQueen thing

“It was also film that got me interested in bikes in the first place,” Amos adds. “Growing up, I watched loads of movies with motorcycles in them, but mainly it was Steve McQueen in The Great Escape that made me fall in love with the Triumph shape.

“Back then, I didn’t know the bike was a Triumph or anything, it was just a cool bike. Seeing him jump over that fence, I just wanted to be cool like him.”

Although the boys dreamed of their motorcycle adventures, their first experience of riding was much more humble as they learned the ropes.

Amos, who rides a 2013 Scrambler, explains: “Our dad was always into bikes and we grew up seeing them in the garage. When he found out that we were getting into riding, he took us and one of his motorcycles to a parking lot, showed us where the throttle and brake were and we did laps.”

Although only 17 when he learned to ride, it was a few years into his biking life before Amos bought his first Triumph.

“My first bike was a cruiser, but I had several friends who owned dual sport bikes. One of my buddies let me borrow one and we went out on a ride together. I really liked the fact that you could be riding on a road, spot a trail and take it. It’s a whole new way to ride.

Brothers in bikes

“I went into a dealership and saw a Scrambler and a Tiger next to each other and thought, ‘man those bikes are good-looking’.”

It was Amos’s huge enthusiasm for the bike that eventually persuaded his brother to get on-board. Luke explains: “He just kept sending me pictures of all these great bikes. I didn’t actually ride that often, but when I went back home Amos would let me have a ride on his Scrambler.


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“Since I’ve bought my bike, we’ve been on a few trips. The best one was in 2017 when we went to North Carolina. Us and two buddies took our bikes up there. A local guy told us about this Lake Santeetlah and we ended up camping there for a few days and riding routes nearby. It was a really awesome place.”

Even when they’re not heading out on trips together, they’re riding out with their cameras and capturing photos and video.

Creative space

“Our Instagram account basically came out of our need to work creatively with each other,” Luke explains. “It’s our way to create without needing to be together.”

“We also meet loads of people with similar interests through the account too,” adds Amos. “We’re heading out on a trip with one guy we’ve met through Instagram soon.”

Luke says: “Although we love taking pictures of our trips and meeting other riders through Instagram, we don’t want it to get in the way of our ride. We often take our cameras out with us, then get home and realise we’ve not taken a single picture. At the end of the day, it’s all about just enjoying our bikes and having fun on our ride.”