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In pictures: my Spain

Alvaro Pangea shares his favourite Spanish spots

FTR Bio:, Alvaro Pangea

Nationality: Spanish

Bike: Bonneville T120

Hobbies: Travelling, writing, photography, surfing

Goal: Ride around the world on my Triumph

Triumph Bonneville rider Alvaro Pangea describes himself as ‘entrepreneur, photographer, traveller, rider, surfer, adventurer and dreamer… but not exactly in that order’.

Here he shares his favourite pictures of his homeland, Spain.

1. A Curota (Galicia)

Tracing the road connecting Mirador de A Curota with the Dunes of Corrubedo, the flowering yellow gorse everywhere contrasts with the blue sky and my black Triumph Bonneville.

In every single rural area of Galicia you’ll still see an old lady dressed in black leading her single cow to a fresh patch of pasture. She’ll be carrying an umbrella because it will either be raining or about to rain.

Each kilometre travelled is another notch on the tachometer and my lungs are filled with a clean air that only makes you aware of the wonder you have travelled when you reach the end.

Campelo Beach

My land. I have travelled to many places but I will always consider this one as my home. This land that saw me grow up and allowed me to meet her with an old 125 motorcycle that is still in my parents’ garage.

It is impossible to show you the best of Galicia with two photos but I’ve chosen this picture because it makes me think about my childhood, taking photos at the place that gave me the wings to become a photographer.

2. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (País Vasco)

This place is best known today as the location for Game of Thrones. It’s an area of the Basque Country rich in different environments, from steep mountains climbing from the water’s edge to waves that have nothing to envy in height.

For those who like gastronomy, Bilbao, Getxo and San Sebastian offer a wide variety of food that will make you never want the journey to end. Since I became a technical engineer, I considered Bilbao a perfect destination for modern architecture lovers with its mixture of traditional Basque culture and its views for the future.

3. Sunset with Bonnie (Asturias)

For many years I have spent a few days on the Asturian coast. For me it is the perfect relationship between surf, adventure, friends and motorcycle. Everything comes together in four days at a Motorbike festival. Gasoline and nitrate!

It’s no secret: the motorcycle community has some of the best people around. I have met so many giving, caring, interesting, thriving people and it blows me away. The best thing about going to a festival is it gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with people who are different from you, while sharing a common interest.

4. Bolonia Dune (Andalucía)

One of the most unspoilt areas of the Cádiz coast, this is a vital natural habitat with stunning scenery. Behind Tarifa is the Parque Natural Los Alcornocales, while on the other side of the sea is Morocco, its mountainous landscape rising on the horizon.

All of this comes together in a beautiful image. Sea, beach, mountains all packaged together in a single incredible view. The worst part of this trip was I couldn’t take the ferry to Morocco because I didn’t have the green card with me. I can’t wait to bring the Scrambler 1200 to Africa!