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I’ll never regret trying a Triumph

Why Teresa worships her (New)church

Dear FTR,

I’m a 65-year-old woman who owns and loves a Bonneville Newchurch that I bought last summer.

I’ve owned three Bonnevilles before (with breaks in between) and I’ve loved them all because they are ideal for my 5’ 4” height. I passed my test at the age of 42 and had various bikes and scooters over the years. I’m a very reluctant car driver, but I prefer the freedom and grin I get from riding my bike!

I only do short journeys now, up to about 100 miles, as my wrists ache a lot. When the weather’s bad, I get withdrawal symptoms if I haven’t been able to ride for a while! I love my Newchurch, as it feels light and responsive and is better for me than the Bonnie T100 I had before.

I’m the world’s worst worrier, so if I can do it, anyone can.

Teresa Sheppard

I’m sure a lot of people, especially women, who don’t ride, think I’m daft but this has added another dimension to my life. Everyone should get out there and try a bike.

I’m the world’s worst worrier, so if I can do it, anyone can.

I started for the simple reason I had to get around from the village I lived in back in the early 1990s. I started with a moped on a car licence, upgraded to a 100cc motorbike, passed the test first time and never looked back.

My husband has had various scooters and motorcycles over the years and is now the proud owner of the Triumph Thunderbird LT.

I’ve bought all of my Triumphs from 3X Motorcycles near Verwood as they are the nearest dealer.

Kind regards,

Teresa Sheppard