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Portrait by artist Vincent Kamp

Hair oils with a twist

Vincent Kamp: Barber portrait artist

There’s something massively artistic about the perfect haircut or beard trim… so why not celebrate it in art form?

That’s the concept behind artist Vincent Kamp’s (@vincekamp) CUTS Portraits of Barbers exhibition in London’s Hoxton.

The artist, who never attended a formal art school, has studied the old masters and contemporary artists and in 2015 collaborated with award winning photographer Geoff Waugh to create the Beyond The Peloton exhibition in London which celebrated the heroes of British cycling.

"Thy Barber" of The Bike Shed by Vincent kamp in his London Studio
Vincent putting the finishing touches to “Thy Barber” of The Bike Shed in his London Studio

In between painting and sculpture, Vincent published a comic book for his two sons Leo and Ben. Robotslayer was also developed into an interactive iPad app and could be set to become an animated series.

The 16 March CUTS event is a private viewing, but if you’re quick you might still have time to register for a (free!) ticket here.

Potrait of"Mister Robinson" by artist Vincent Kamp
“Mister Robinson”

If not, check out some of his incredible oil and charcoal paintings of haircutting legends like Thy Barber here and look out for a profile interview with Vincent on FortheRide soon.

For artwork sales please contact Rachel Simkiss (Gallery Director), Clarendon Fine Art, 46 Dover Street, London, W1S 4FF, 02074990947