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For the Friendships

Meet the Curvy Riders MCC

Jacqui Storey reveals why the Curvy Riders are the fastest growing female-only motorcycle club in the UK.

Q. How many of you are there in the Curvy Riders MCC?

A. We have around 350 fully paid-up members and several hundred more ladies who use our free forum at

Q. How did you decide on the name?

A. It's a play on words – both roads and ladies have curves!

Q. Why did you start the group in the first place?

A. It was started by two friends in Scotland who were both bikers and wanted to be able to chat with other lady riders, and support, encourage and promote women in motorcycling.


Q. What is the age range of the group?

A. We span a huge age range, from youngsters to mature ladies. One of our members recently celebrated her 70th birthday!

Q. Where do you ride and why?

A. We have regional groups all over the UK, from the Highlands of Scotland down to the south coast of England, and in Wales and the Isle of Man too. So we ride all over the place. Every weekend will see Curvies from somewhere in the UK riding in a variety of landscapes. Ask 10 Curvies what their favourite ride is and you’ll get 10 different answers. The great thing about the club is that we can share our experiences and tell each other about fabulous places to ride and visit.

Q. Which bikes are the most popular in the group?

A. You name it, we ride it! From 125cc bikes on L-plates through to adventure bikes. Our chairwoman rides a Triumph Tiger 800 and we have two naked bikes. Our treasurer has a Street Triple. There are also sports bikes, cruisers and everything in-between. Several of our ladies race and ride off-road too.


Q. Which bike do you ride and why?

A. The Triumph Street Triple. It’s light, versatile, easy to handle on bends and very nippy. It attracts a lot of attention.

Q. Do you have to be a woman to be in the CRMCC or are there honorary guys?

A. We’re a ladies-only bike club, so we don't accept male members, but our regions often run 'friends and family' events where men are welcome to come along.

Q. What’s been your best ride so far?

A. It’s hard to say which is the best ride as they are all very memorable and enjoyable.


Q. Do you ride as a pack?

A. The club is organised into regions, each led by a regional rep, who organises group rideouts and other events.

Q. What would you say is the best thing that has come out of starting the group?

A. Undoubtedly the friendship and support we offer each other. We’ve all made lifelong friends and have learned a lot from each other. Plus the cake, that's important too! One of our club sayings is 'Ride, eat cake, repeat’.

Q. Next big rideout?

A. There will be rideouts happening all over the place most weekends (check our website), but our big annual event is the Curvy Trip, when Curvies from all over the UK gather for a weekend together. Last year there were 100 Curvies in Lincolnshire and in September 2016 a similar number of us will be meeting up for a long weekend in mid-Wales.