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Throttle Dolls

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Meet the Throttle Dolls

In the first of a series looking at rider groups around the world, For The Ride chewed the fat with the Australian-based Throttle Dolls.

Q. Why the Throttle Dolls?

A. We kicked around a lot of options. We wanted something that linked back to motorcycles, but was also a bit of fun. We spent a day brainstorming before coming up with the Dolls.

Q. How did it all start?

A. The three of us founders – Maria, Nina and Erica – were super surprised that other girls wanted to join us. We’ve opened the group up so that now anyone who rides a motorcycle can be a Throttle Doll. We regularly have 30-plus women join us on our monthly Girl Gang rides, including some amazing ladies who turn up to every ride and support us with ride logistics. We’ve even opened a branch overseas! Maria moved over to Ireland and has started The Throttle Dolls UK & Ireland with Sahra and Susie.

Q. Describe the kind of riding around New South Wales?

A. It’s amazing. We live by the beach in Bondi and there are amazing coastal roads an hour out of the city. Or you can go inland through the national parks, over the Blue Mountains or through wine country. The landscape changes and it’s really beautiful to spend time out in the open.


Q. Which bikes are the most popular in the group?

A. We’re all obsessed with custom and retro bikes, but it’s hard to pick a favourite style. Cafe racers, bobbers, trackers, they are all amazing. Nina was lucky enough to ride a Triumph Bonnie around the South of France after attending Wheels and Waves last month, so that’s definitely on all our wish lists!

Q. Which bike do you ride and why?

A. Nina – Yamaha Virago Erica – Honda GB400 Maria – just sold my Yamaha SRV250 and on the hunt for a new bike.

Q. Do you have to be a woman to be in the Dolls or are there honorary guys?

A. No, we have Throttle Dudes and recently held an all-in group ride with over 80 people attending. We also ride with the awesome Sydney Cafe Racers and have met a lot of amazing guys and girls through that.


Q. What’s been your best ride so far?

A. Swag ’n Ride through the Aussie bush was a highlight… sleeping under the stars on the beach and waking up to kangaroos hopping around us the next morning!

Q. Do you ride as a pack?

A. We ride solo, together, as a trio or in a pack. We ride every day for work, but on the weekends we love riding with friends. We recently started monthly Girl Gang Meets Ups, starting at Deus ex Machina in Sydney, and often have 30-plus women ride with us, which is pretty rad.

Q. What’s the history of the group?

A. It’s quite organic. One day we were sitting in E’s garage (the Doll House) and we thought it would be fun to start our own gang that summed up our personalities – bubbly, girlie, nerdy tomboys that love to experiment with fashion and new adventures. We started the group at the beginning of 2014 and can’t believe how lucky we are that people have responded so positively and that we’ve met so many amazing people along the way because of it.