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EXCLUSIVE: John Bloor hails Triumph team

Triumph owner gives rare interview

Almost three decades ago when Triumph was revived and relaunched, a blueprint for the future success of the business was drafted.

It included all the usual financial forecasts, research and development costs and predictions of how long it would take to get the iconic name into the black.

But for the architect of the renaissance, owner John Bloor, the most important figure on the potential profit and loss sheet was the cost of the people who would be the lifeblood of the reborn venture.

Bloor3That view, that a business is only as good as its people, has been the foundation for Triumph’s ongoing success in the intervening years.

And it is perhaps why the manufacturer and, importantly in Bloor’s eyes, its people have been honoured with one of the most prestigious awards for their contribution to the motorcycle industry.

The Royal Automobile Club’s Diamond Jubilee Trophy has only been awarded five times previously in its 58-year history, making the Hinckley marque’s steady evolution all the more impressive.

But Bloor, who relaunched the brand in 1990, insists the contribution of everyone from the bike designers to the people who build the motorcycles should share in the glory.

“Every single person we employ plays their part in creating motorcycles that excite our customers as much today as they did when we launched back in 1990,” he said.
“From the design department in Hinckley to our global manufacturing facilities and worldwide sales and distribution offices, everyone at Triumph works with passion and pride.”

Our people are motorcycle people with a passion for what they create and that’s reflected in everything they do. This award is a recognition of the care they invest in each bike

John Bloor

He added: “The success of the brand is, without doubt, down to the skill and commitment of our team who are dedicated to ensuring that every motorcycle that leaves our factories lives up to the Triumph name.

“From the outset we always intended to create bikes that combined traditional craftsmanship with innovation and our values as a company have never wavered. But any success as a company is always a reflection of the good people that it employs.”

Passion, innovation and dedication are watchwords that run through Triumph and they’re attributes that it’s hard to put a price on.

Bloor said: “We have a great team at Triumph with a genuine passion for everything we do. This award is a wonderful recognition of the care they invest in each bike.”

Former winners of the Diamond Jubilee Trophy award, inaugurated in 1957 by the Royal Automobile Club, include hovercraft inventor Sir Christopher Cockerell, The British Aircraft Corporation and Aerospatiale (France) for the development of Concorde and Sir Richard Noble, who set a new land speed record of 633.486mph.

Ben Cussons of the Royal Automobile Club said: “All the previous recipients have been ‘game changers’ and there is no exception with Triumph. The team has transformed Triumph from one of the most iconic British brands to a globally recognised one.

“Their commitment to manufacturing excellence and a single-minded determination to build the ‘best of British’ has enabled them to succeed in an intensely competitive market. This outstanding achievement and commitment to quality and innovation embody all that the trophy represents.”