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Daytona dreamers x 2

The supersport that thinks it’s a tourer

Dhimant & Rajiv

When they walked out of the college yard for one of the last times, teenage buddies Rajiv Jayanth and Dhimant Nayak were transfixed by the mesmeric growl of a friend’s motorcycle.

“The sheer size and styling thrilled us and we drooled over it every time we saw and heard it,” said Rajiv: “From that moment we agreed there and then we must have a superbike in our lives before we hit 30.”

After years of saving, vain attempts at getting the idea past their parents, soul-searching and research, they checked out every bike known to man in search of ‘the right one’.

After months of test riding they finally decided on the Kawasaki Ninja 650, but on their way to the showroom things took an unexpected turn.

“We were about to put the deposit down on a couple of bikes when we saw the Triumph showroom, stopped to have a look around and were offered test rides,” said Dhimant.


Inseparable through school and college, they started work the same day at the same place and are both married with one child, so it was no great shock that when they tried the Daytona 675R they both knew it was ‘the one’.


In that moment, the Bangalore buddies finally made their playground pact real.

Rajiv said: “We always wanted to buy the same bikes and tried out quite a few, but the Daytona wasn’t even a consideration at that time.

“Once we rode it, it was an instant connection and we thought ‘what the hell’. What a decision that was! Little did we know our lives would change dramatically from that day on.”

The bikes were beyond their budget, but Rajiv said: “They pulled at our heart strings like no other bike. It was going to be an impulsive decision. We threw caution to the wind and bought one each. Finances be damned!”Daytona4

But the similarities that rippled through their lives didn’t end there – the guys ordered bikes in the same colour and same registration number series to go with their identical helmets, jackets and riding boots.

“Apart from Dhimant’s beer belly, you can’t tell us apart when we’re riding together,” joked Rajiv. “Our BRAT group think it’s funny we look identical, but we take it all in our stride.

“It’s a dream bike to own. We’re smitten by the linear power delivery, the throttle response, handling, braking, and that intoxicating in-line triple exhaust note. It’s a head-turner and the way the revs climb and build speed is incredible.”

But their initial lust for an all-out sport bike’s speed and exhilaration – a feeling Rajiv insists they ‘wouldn’t trade for anything in the world’ – has taken a couple more unexpected turns since the double delivery.

Dhimant said: “We love the Daytona so much we’re practically using it as a tourer. We’ve ridden 10,000km in seven months on long rides to Kudremukh, Mangaloru, Goa and Chikmagalur. “We haven’t experienced a single glitch and can’t think of anything we’d swop on it.”


The second surprise was the friends’ change in lifestyle. Rajiv said: “The people we’ve met, friends we’ve made and the entire experience has been such a dream come true we couldn’t have scripted our lives any better when we had our vision all those years ago.