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Nick Apex stunt riding in Aruba

City is my playground: Aruba

Ernie Vigil and Nick Apex: Speed Triple stunts

We knew Speed Triples were capable under normal conditions, but stunt riders Nick Apex and Ernie Vigil take the limits to new places. Leaving rubber all over Aruba, these guys drift, wheelie and endo on the city streets. We caught up with Ernie and Nick to get a little behind-the-scenes detail of how they create their incredible videos.

Ernie: “The most challenging part of this video was actually getting the locations. We communicate with the authorities to get large areas locked down enough that we can actually ride in them safely. We worked with the local police who gave us an escort. We’re always worried these videos won’t actually happen, so going home with footage is the real relief! We’ve got a small team and there’s so much to do.

“We were riding the 675 and we’ve moved to the 765 engines. We’re used to that platform now and that’s where we get our best riding. We had to go over the top. If things aren’t crazy, they just don’t circulate.”

Nick: “We’re pushing ourselves and our bikes to the limits. But it’s got to the stage where we’re starting to push some of the video production and that’s evolving too. I build a lot of the bikes in Vegas, so we’re going to be pushing things even further.

“For the videos to really work they need a raw feel to them. It’s so people believe we actually are doing the stunts – which we are – because if it’s too slick it doesn’t seem real.

“We’ve got our sights on Thailand next. We’ll be shooting where we can and how we can. It’s hard to plan for anything, but you can get away with quite a lot in Thailand…

“We have some crazy ideas in the works, so keep watching.”


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