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Aaron B Hall shares his experiences and photography tips

Professional photographer, Aaron B Hall, has captured some amazing scenes, from a volcano in Vietnam to the snowy slopes of his Salt Lake City home. He tells us how he’s got to where he is and imparts some top tips.

Where did it all start?

I used to snowboard with my friends when we were kids and we would take our dads’ cameras to mess about with on the slopes. Later, my girlfriend, now wife, took photography classes and I helped out – that got me hooked. I live in Salt Lake City and there are loads of people working in the creative industries here. It’s a good place to learn and bounce ideas off others. Now I’m really into surfing, snowboarding and motorcycles, so it’s mainly that stuff. I love to travel and capture nature.

How do you approach your style of photography?

It’s nearly all freehand with natural light. I’ve started using tripods and lighting for some commercial automotive shoots, but the majority of my pictures are all freehand. Using the lights and more gear is a whole new learning curve.


Do you set up your shots?

I hardly ever set shots up. When I’m out with my friends sometimes I won’t even tell them I’m taking pictures, I catch them just having fun and doing their thing. That’s the best way of capturing the most natural pictures – it tells a story much better than a set-up shot.

What was your favourite shoot?

I was in Indonesia with some friends from Deus and we rode for 12 hours through the rain to a volcano called Mount Rinjani. However, when we got there we could only ride halfway up. The rain was so bad there were landslides, but it was an unforgettable experience. I’ve done a few rides out there and it’s such an amazing place.

How important is editing?

Extremely. I spent a full year using Photoshop and Lightroom every night to get to a place I was happy with. Quite often I can tell, just by the editing, who’s taken a certain picture. Even when you’re working for a client where they will edit the pictures internally, it’s great to direct the editors so you get the final picture you want.


What’s the next step?

I’m moving more into shooting cars and motorcycles and learning new skills with lighting and tripods. I can’t wait to do some more. It’s fun to be doing something different.

Aaron’s 5 tips to improve your photography

  • Take photos every day.
  • Learn to edit – develop a style.
  • Don’t be afraid of shooting outside of your comfort zone.
  • Network – talk to everyone.
  • Use social media to your advantage.


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