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10 city cafe racer haunts

Snack out urban style

There’s nothing quite like an early morning or lazy afternoon ride out with friends to work up an appetite for breakfast, brunch or dinner.

Those days when the sun’s up, life feels good, buddies are together and a burger and strong coffee are the perfect chance for a chat and a few laughs.

So if you’re out on your Thruxton R and stuck for suggestions for a bike-friendly bite in some of the world’s best cities, check out For the Ride’s top 10 rider haunts…

Latitude: -38.401325, Longitude: 146.159933

Proclaiming itself Australia’s No. 1 location for motorcyclists, the Inline4Cafe is located in Mirboo North, Victoria. With a menu that includes Fried Piston Rings calamari and The Toe Cutter hot dog, the café has a reputation for friendly service and good food. And being surrounded by some great stretches of road, it hosts up to 5,000 bikes at a time for regular meets.



Deus Café Canggu Bali
Latitude: -8.409518, Longitude:  115.188916

Deus ex Machina (god from the machine) began gaining serious kudos as a custom bike shop in Australia in 2006. Ten years on, and the brand has established workshops and cafes on four continents. Its Bali café is renowned for great coffee and a menu compiled by “expert food mechanic” chefs that mixes Southern Thai and Indonesian cuisine.

Deus Café


Rock Store
Latitude: 34.423243, Longitude: -86.274334

Located along the famous Mulholland Driveway halfway between Malibu and Calabasas in California, The Rock Store is considered California’s most popular biker hangout by many. What began life as a stagecoach stop in 1910 has become a popular weekend draw for celebrities and petrolheads. And being linked to the Pacific Coast Highway by wide serpentine canyon roads, it’s not difficult to understand why.

Rock Store


Caffeine & Machine
Latitude: 52.149945 Longitude: -1.629589

An incredible place to eat, meet and hang out, Caffeine & Machine celebrates everything with wheels. From tractors and ride on lawn mowers, to sports biker riders and cruisers – if it’s burning petrol, diesel or even battery power, it’s accepted with open arms. Good food, vintage cars and motorcycles on display and a bar, it’s one of the best motoring destinations in the UK.

Caffeine & Machine

Bikers Cafe
Latitude: 25.080570, Longitude: 55.139541

Since the inception of Bikers Café in Dubai, outlets have also opened in Abu Dhabi and Fujairah. As well as serving up sustenance to UAE’s biking community, Bikers Café regularly hosts bike launches and runs an annual Build Off competition where they hand over stock bikes to local workshops, with the results of the custom competition judged by a panel of experts.

Bikers Cafe


Sprokkets Café
Latitude: 50.876951 Longitude: -119.451057

With fresh soup, homemade pies and sandwiches on offer, Sprokkets Café is part of the Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum in Sorrento, British Columbia. It opened in May 2012, and showcases classic and collectable rides, while a well-stocked gift shop offers plenty of mementos for anyone on a trans-Canadian journey.

Sprokkets Café


Ace Café Luzern
Latitude: 47.091693, Longitude: 8.242628

The granddaddy of the biker café scene, London’s oldest hangout for rockers, riders and petrolheads opened in 1938. These days, the Ace brand has spread its wings around the world, with locations in China, the US, Finland, Japan and Germany. Ace Café Luzern is just under a year old but already proving a hit with Swiss bikers. And with the Swiss Alps on its doorstep, there can’t be many better locations worldwide…

Ace Café Luzern


The Queen Mary
Latitude: 50.048666, Longitude: 4.314249

Located in Chimay near the French border in Southern Belgium and, with European roads in all directions, the Queen Mary mixes motorcycle enthusiasts, karaoke and even a Table Football team. With an enviable selection of Belgian beers on tap, it’s an evening destination for European touring with MotoGP regalia covering the walls inside.

The Queen Mary

Nicky’s Handlebar Hotel
Latitude: 7.919660 Longitude: 98.281409

No tour in South East Asia would be complete without a trip to Nicky’s Handlebar Hotel. Located in the heart of Patong Beach in Phuket, the hotel features 27 rooms as well as housing the island’s top biker bar and restaurant. While the walls and ceilings drip with bike paraphernalia, guided tours are available, and a fresh seafood menu and cold beers provide the perfect combination for the warm nights.

Nicky’s Handlebar Hotel


South Africa
House of Machines
Latitude: -33.921310, Longitude: 18.418766

Cape Town’s ‘THoM’ or ‘The House’ describes itself as a “consummate fusion of coffee, café, craft beer, cocktails, live music, menswear and custom bikes”. Locally sourced food sits on the menu alongside its exclusive espresso brand, Evil Twin, while craft brews and small batch distillery spirits are also a focus. THoM also hosts weekly music events including a songwriter’s showcase and monthly artist residencies.

House of Machines


Where do you get your cafe fix? Let us know here and we’ll share them with the hungry Triumph community.