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Tips for survival

6 quick survival tips

When the going gets tough...

Adventure riding can take you into some vast and unpopulated areas. If you get in a sticky situation, here are a few key tips for survival.

1 Composure

Keeping your head is extremely important. Panicked and stressed minds make bad decisions. Take a look at some of these breathing techniques to prepare.

2 Tell someone

Make sure to tell people when you’re going, where you’re going and when you plan to return. If no one knows where you are, no one knows if you’re missing.

3 Shelter

If you’ve got a tent great, but if not, it’s wise to think about shelter straightaway. Branches are your friend if you’re in a forested area. Rocky outcrops or other natural features can be used to keep the weather at bay.

4 Water

Look for the nearest sources of freshwater, whether that’s streams or rivers. Flowing water is preferred, but always boil before drinking. If there’s no sign of freshwater, set up a vessel to catch rainwater.

5 Tools

A multi-tool is an indispensable piece of equipment. A sharp knife is useful for hunting, eating and fashioning shelters and fires.

6 Fire

Great for heat, cooking and keeping away any wildlife you’d rather not meet. There are several methods for making a fire, so be sure to take the means to make one with you.