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top 5 Motorcycle movies

5 must-see motorcycle movies…

The best of two-wheeled cinema

1. On Any Sunday

An absolute essential for Steve McQueen fans. Released in 1971, and directed by the legendary Bruce Brown, this motorcycle sport documentary was a pioneer of the genre and widely regarded as the most important motorcycle documentary ever made. You can’t afford to pass this one over.

On any Sunday

2. Easy Rider

Classic cruiser flick with Peter Fonda. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch. Whether it fits your view of motorcycling or not, it’s influenced bike culture for half a century.

Easy Rider

3. Closer to the Edge

Following several riders, but primarily Guy Martin, through a season at the Isle of Man TT, Closer to the Edge gives a unique insight into the world of road racing.

Close to the Edge

4. Why We Ride

Tackling the big question, Why We Ride is an inspirational film that covers every type of rider. From retirees returning to riding to youngsters getting into the sport, it’s a celebration of the passion for riding anything with two wheels.

Why we Ride

5. Dust to Glory

A documentary about the Baja 1000 in Mexico – one of the most dangerous desert races in the world. It’s worth watching just for the footage of riders blasting through cactus-lined dirt tracks.

Dust to Glory