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Triumph Adventure Experience

3 Riders, 3 Terrains

Triumph's Adventure Experience sets the bar

Riders from MCN, Ride Apart, Adventure Bike Rider, Bennetts were among the journalists who descended on the Triumph Adventure Experience to find out how it stacks up.

Dirt, shale, grasslands, woodland, tight tracks, rocky trails and water crossings – the vast Adventure Experience has it all. Triumph invited the top dogs in the motorcycling press to tackle these terrains. The group had a mixture of backgrounds and got advice from Dakar racer Nick Plumb and team before braving the wet and windy conditions on the mountainside.

Triumph Adventure Experience


Chris Cope – Director, Ride Apart

“I’ve only done one of these off-road training days before – and a while ago – so I consider myself a novice. I had a lot of fun today, the terrain is so varied and the bikes were just brilliant. I enjoyed the Tiger 800 and Scrambler the most, although I had a little off on the Scrambler.

“That’s the beauty of these courses, though. If it was my own bike I would never have the guts to learn how to off-road properly. Here you can push the limits and, in doing so, improve rapidly. The woodland, with its fire-road-like trails and tight muddy turns, was a highlight for me – just a lot of fun.”

Triumph Adventure Experience


Jordan Gibbons – Senior Reporter, Motorcycle News

“I’m very impressed. The variation in terrain is just fantastic. Skidding in this Canyon was really enjoyable. There’s nothing like getting the big bikes sideways. I have to say that Triumph is absolutely on a par with any other brand now in terms of adventure bikes, and this location sets the bar for testing them out.”

Triumph Adventure Experience


Simon Hancocks – Editorial Executive, Bennett’s Bike Social

“It’s challenging but it is very rewarding. I’ve progressed more today than I have riding off-road anywhere else. I know the bike quite well, so that helps. The instruction was good – the guys could pick up really quickly on where we all were ability-wise.

“I’ve had a massive leap forward in confidence from starting out in the morning to where I was at the end of the day. I was sliding the bike around by the end on the slate-covered, lunar-like surface. I’m really impressed. I really didn’t want it to end. Can I stay a couple more hours?”

Triumph Adventure Experience
Simon Hancocks (front) ready to tackle the lunar-like slate with the Tiger 800

Back at the pristine Adventure Experience building, showers – and tea and coffee – warmed everyone back up. There were a few spills, but everyone kept smiling. Sarah Bradley, writing for the Evening Standard, said how much fun she had on the Scrambler, and Alun Davies, from Adventure Rider magazine, was exercising his skills sliding the Tiger 1200 around on the slippery surfaces. Don’t let the press have all the fun – take a look for yourself.