Inspiration: Big Trip

Watch: 2 Danes & 1 America in Norway

The perfect rain ride

After life, parenthood and bills put his riding career on hold for almost two decades, Jakob Nielsen roared back to the open road with a vengeance.

As the family sat around the kitchen table, he casually mentioned he was bringing his Triumph out of retirement for a trip to Norway.

Jakob bought the 2008 America when he lived in the UK, but rarely found the time to jump on his bike due to work and family.

So when his 16-year-old daughter Iben said she’d love to ride pillion on his trip, 18 years of near inactivity was about to end with the family’s blessing.

Jakob and Iben.

“I decided to bring my America with me when we moved back to our home town in Denmark. She’s now on a Danish plate and is one of very few of its kind on the roads here,” he said.

“When Iben said she wanted to ride pillion on the trip, I was quite surprised, but immediately said ‘yes, of course’.”


Lysebotn, a village at the eastern end of the Lysefjorden in a very isolated valley only accessible by one road or by boat, was chosen as a destination, then it was just a wait for summer to come.

Jakob said: “In late June 2016 we saddled up. The trip was planned to take four days, and it became a true test of what you can actually achieve in rough conditions with a Triumph America.

“The rain poured down all four days, and the fully packed bike had to force its way through a landscape of mountains and valleys, round hairpins and bends. It was rock steady all the way.”

Faroe Islands, Denmark

Without ABS or traction control, tricky road conditions left father and daughter more exposed, but Jakob was unequivocal: “The America almost turned into an adventure bike and balanced her way through with no problems at all.

“We had an unforgettable trip, despite the weather conditions. There’s nothing like a road trip on two wheels, and with your daughter on the back seat, it doesn’t get any better.”