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The best motorcycle tents

The best motorcycle tents

Motorcycle camping gear to fit your budget

Motorcycling and camping go hand in hand. Both put you out in the elements and force you to experience your surroundings. FTR picks three of the best tents to suit your budget.

Lone Rider – top of the range

The Lone Rider is a well-thought-out tent and the only tent on this list specifically designed to house a motorcycle inside it. It features a motorcycle canopy that hides the motorcycle from curious eyes while protecting it from the elements. It also provides a large sleeping area where two motorcyclists and their equipment can fit with ease. The living area is spacious with plenty of room to leave gear to dry or to store the bike – it’s actually big enough for a Tiger 1200.

Packed size: 60c x 20cm x 20cm

Weight: 5.44kg

Catoma Raven Speedome – mid range

The Catoma is the quickest of the bunch to put up – important if you’re caught in a downpour. It’s pretty spacious too, with a pull-out vestibule and pole to prop it up. Designed as a lightweight tent for mountain explorers, it’s compact enough to fit on the bike when packed, but large enough to be comfortable.

Packed size: 76cm x 18cm x 18cm

Weight: 4.47kg

Enkeeo – most affordable

Not specifically made for motorcycles, the Enkeeo is extremely affordable. It’s designed for hikers primarily, but it ticks all the boxes for motorcyclists too. It comes with everything you need, including 10 stakes to make sure it’s sturdy in the wind. A good-quality tent at a great price. Perhaps not as biker-friendly or quick to put up as the others, but it’ll do the trick.

Packed size: 55cm x 28cm x 28cm

Weight: 2kg

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