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Scrambler 1200 clothing shoot

Carpe Terram Project: The Bike Shed x Triumph

Behind the scenes of clothing shoot at the Adventure Experience

Carpe Terram, or ‘seize the terrain’, is the headline for a new line of clothing designed by Bike Shed founder, Dutch Van Someren. Drawing on the traditional scrambling tops of the 60s, the new Carpe Terram Project mirrors the perfect blend of vintage that the Scrambler 1200 embodies.

Both sharing British roots and a passionate for taking motorcycles off-road, Bike Shed and Triumph are a perfect fit. The range of Limited Edition apparel includes a breathable Race Jersey, long-sleeve and short-sleeve tops & t-shirts, goggles, caps, belts and accessories.

“Here at the Bike Shed we’re huge fans of Triumph’s modern-retro scramblers” Dutch says. “So we couldn’t wait to get stuck-in to designing some timeless gear that brought the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club brand together along side Triumph, for those who like to ride a Bonnie, either to join us on the Bike Shed Sunday Scramble, or just wear at their local bike-stop, or even just down the pub.

“We created the Carpe Terram project together with the Triumph team, and the Bike Shed crew were really happy with how it turned out. T-shirts, long-sleeves, plus baseball caps and leather accessories were an obvious choice to start with, all made to our Bike Shed cuts and high quality cotton, but we’ve also included goggles and a stunning breathable race jersey, with space to add a name or number for anyone who wants to wear them on the flat-track starting line. …I’ll be wearing mine at the Bike Shed bar.”

Triumph clothing is heading in a new direction thanks to Director of Clothing, Kevin Charles, who’s aim is to make clothes for those seeking: “that one thing that clothing and motorcycling offers… individuality.”

Scrambling life

To mark the new clothing line two riders – an off-road racer and an exclusive street rider – take the Scrambler 1200 to South Wales, at Triumph’s Adventure Experience, to have some fun. As usual for Triumph shoots, they picked real riders who are genuinely immersed in the sport, culture and world of bikes.

Black and white pictures taken with Ilford film

Jacob Young has been riding since he could tippy-toe a dirt bike. Trials, hare scramblers, motocross… he’s done it all. Although used to lower capacity enduro bikes, the 1200 didn’t feel as big a jump as he expected. Jacob tells us about his background in bikes and his thoughts on the Scrambler 1200.

“It all started when I was about eight, that was when I first rode a dirt bike. I then rode in the British Championship Trials for about five years up until I was 17. After that I went on to motocross and enduro races. I bought some superbikes and started doing track days. I had a break for a while but I’ve got back into racing – mainly enduro now. I’ve always wanted to do as many different styles of riding as I can.

“I’ve worked with The Bike Shed before on shoots, so this opportunity came along through that. The clothing is really cool, especially the race jersey – breathable and perfect to wear over armour. Also, Having the chance to ride the Scrambler 1200 was huge. I was so surprised how light and well-balanced it felt off-road compared with the much lighter bikes I ride most of the time.

“I was riding the Scrambler 1200 XE and I loved it. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was easy to ride and within five minutes I knew what it could do. I ride a 300 two-stroke usually, so this is a different thing altogether. It doesn’t feel like a 1200 at all – it had smooth predictable power. As I had it sliding around on the gravel, I found it has a really light feel.

“The Triumph Adventure Experience is packed with ruts and trails with jumps. It’s like a play park for motorcycles. I took it over some jumps and the suspension did everything I needed it to do. The 1200 is a really comfortable ride.”

From street to dirt

Next, we caught up with Simon Mann, a Bike Shed employee and motorcyclist who’s spent all his time cruising on tarmac. His first off-road experience? On a 1200 XC in thick, wet mud.

“I always had an interest in bikes – I guess it comes from my dad having a bunch of them. He had a load of old bikes including a Triumph Tiger Cub. My two brothers ride too and I guess it caught on. I’ve been riding since I was about 20, so around nine years. The thing is, I’ve only ever ridden on the street so this was a completely new experience for me. It was my first time off-road and Matt at the Adventure Experience made things super easy.

“He took me out as part of our rider induction whilst the team were setting up. I couldn’t believe that from just a few tips and tricks from Matt how completely at ease I felt on the Scrambler and in the environment. There wasn’t any pressure, it didn’t feel like the day was about the cameras – it really was just about enjoying this incredible opportunity to get on a Scrambler, ride it in this unbelievable place and just have some fun with the team.

“The bike just glided over the mud and gravel. When we went out to shoot it had been raining all night, so the mud was very sticky. Amazingly, by the end of the day, I was really confident riding the 1200 on some pretty rough terrain. It was certainly trial by fire, but the Scrambler 1200 was actually a really forgiving and capable bike to start on.

“When it comes to the clothing it really is very high quality, comfortable to wear under your usual gear and looks great as causal wear.”

“From a day that was an absolute blast and a lot of fun,” Jacob says, “it’s amazing what we produced as a result of playing about on these 1200s. It really was a pleasure to help debut this latest range and the clothing perfectly encompasses what the Bike Shed and Triumph are about. It blends motocross fashion, retro style and modern custom culture.”

For more about the Carpe Terram Project see the range.

Carpe Terram Project range is limited stock sold through Bike Shed at Urban Rider and in select Bike Shed distributors.