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The best 5 motorcycle apps

As we gear up for another year of riding, make sure you are prepared with FTR’s pick of the best apps for motorcyclists. From weather reports to keeping up to date with the MotoGP, we have found the essential top 5 apps for the motorcycle owning smartphone user.


Got a favourite ride? Let friends and strangers in on the secret with this social app which lets you track and share your location, distance, speed, duration and even lean angle.

Packed with features, it gives you the heads-up on places, routes and events as well as an intriguing little safety element which we love.

Crashlight, an in-app purchase, will send your info and location to three close contacts if your phone detects that you’ve had a serious drop.

The Leaderboard option also lets you rank your mileage against riders in a created group of friends, nearby riders or around the world.


There’s no such thing as bad weather with this eye on the sky.

A ride tracker first and foremost, it also gives a mini forecast of the weather now, in the next two hours and tomorrow. Big selling point is its ability to take pictures – you can also record vids – during your ride that are added in the activities log.

MotoEye also offers turn-by-turn and voice navigation to a specific destination.


Save time and fuel on your commute with the largest community-based traffic and navigation app.

Open Waze and you’ll be adding real-time traffic information to your community as well as getting road alerts along your route and finding the cheapest fuel around you, shared by the community.

Also features automatic rerouting as road conditions change and ETA friends updates.

MotoGP Live ExperienceMotogp1

Don’t miss a second of practice, qualifying and all the races complete with live timing and commentary… from every angle.

The app gives access to exclusive interviews with riders, team members and other personnel as well as archived footage of previous races.

The Live Timing feature allows race bike fans to watch lap time progress through each sector of the track, with breakdowns of weather information, split times and sector tracking.

Real Time lets you follow a specific rider around the track, zoom in on the action on enhanced and interactive circuit maps or pull out for a wider perspective to see the whole field.

It’s been beefed up for the new season to feature everything you need to know about MotoGP, from technical info and a history of the sport to the rules and regs.

Weather2Motorcycle Weather

Whether or not to ride can depend on the weather, so the Motorcycle Weather app does exactly what it says.

Simply set your preferred weather parameters for temperature, rain, wind and a motorcycle icon is displayed if the weather falls within them. If not a boring car icon is displayed.

Touch the daily weather forecast to get a detailed hourly weather forecast, select a forecast start and end time to ensure the best ride possible.