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Why I ride: For the freedom

Triumph Tiger is your escape ticket

article-asset-aligned“Life is all about what you’ve done with your time on earth. Nothing else.”

That, and an unrivalled feeling of freedom to explore, is why documentary and film-maker Russ Malkin rides.

Malkin, who produced and directed the iconic motorcycling documentaries Long Way Round and Long Way Down alongside best friend Charley Boorman, reckons Triumph ‘get it’.

“When it came to a bike to experience adventure around the world it used to be BMW, but I have been watching the Triumph range develop. Years ago we weren’t too sure about them off-road, but now they are as good as, if not better than BMW, to the point that Charley and I have moved over.”

Three reasons to ride Triumph

Malkin, who also produced and directed Triumph fan David Beckham’s For the Love of the Game documentary, said there were three compelling reasons for making the change.

“First, we wanted the best possible bike for the job and to our mind the Tiger range gives the perfect ride for the kind of terrain we encounter,” he said.

“Second, we want to be involved with a brand that has the right enthusiasm we expect as adventurers and that comes from the philosophy of the company. Third, we are creative people and we wanted to adapt the bike to support our projects, and Triumph said ‘yes, we’re open to that’.”

Malkin lists ‘living by the seat of your pants’ and ‘experiencing the freedom the world has to offer’ as the two drivers in his quest to never sit still.

Life to me is all about what I’ve done with my time on earth, rather than sitting at a desk at work feeling frustrated.

Russ Malkin

He said: “I don’t have a tick box mentality but travel and the experiences it brings on a bike capture so many of the best things on this planet, so if you’ve got a bike like these new Tigers, that’s one less thing to worry about.

“Life to me is all about what I’ve done with my time on earth, rather than sitting at a desk at work feeling frustrated. The journey is life, but the adventure is there to be written by all of us.”

So why do you ride?

Let us know at For the Ride in one or two paragraphs with a picture of you and your Triumph, your name and where you’re from.

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