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Wheels and Waves 2018

Wheels and Waves 2018 gallery

Triumphs tackle hill climbs and flat track

Surf, skate and ride – Wheels and Waves 2018 was as good as ever. Rubber-burning Bobbers took on Punk’s Peak hill climb and old-school, tricked-out Bonnevilles proved their dirt track heritage on the mud of the El Rollo flat track event.

Punk’s Peak

The weather wasn’t the usual sun-soaked affair, which prevented any serious surfing, but the skating and motorcycling provided plenty of thrills. This year also had some of the best custom Triumphs of any Wheels and Waves.

El Rollo

The El Rollo flat track event sees bikes go sideways and gets riders, bikes and spectators plastered in mud. What’s not to like? Trackers without a doubt make some of the prettiest custom machines. Triumphs both old and new proved just how effective they are on the track. This year the event attracted riders from all over the world, including skateboarder and artist Steve Caballero who took part in the flat track.

The best of the bikes

Wheels and Waves certainly competes for the top spot in terms of cool motorcycle-centred shows, but what it does uniquely is highlight the commonality between riding, surfing and skating – both the sense of freedom these all evoke and the brilliant communities they create.

Images in the below gallery by Cyril Casagrande.