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Phil Green riding at the Isle of Man on the Triumph Dapper Bonnie custom

Taking the Dapper Bonnie to the TT

DGR star’s 'magical' Isle of Man baptism

The star of our Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) video, Phil Green, uses his downtime from prostate cancer treatment to take a bow at the Isle of Man TT.

He spent 10 days touring the island on the Dapper Bonnie given to him by Triumph at last year’s global ride, which raised funds and awareness into the disease and men’s mental health.

Phil has changed a bit – his hair has grown back after the chemotherapy stage – but his message to everyone he bumped into on the Mountain Course, Sulby Strait, Laxey Wheel, Bungalow and Gooseneck was the same.

“We chatted about what a magical event the TT is. Being there made me feel like a teenager again. All the stresses of daily life drifted away, especially on Mad Sunday when I rode the Mountain Course at full tilt. Not many people were overtaking me by the end of the week!”

“Then people asked about the bike – the Harris tweed seat was a big talking point – and how I got it, so it was good to be able to spread the message that it’s vital for people to support the research that goes on by supporting DGR, not just by turning up but by fundraising well before the 30 September ride,” he says.

“One Australian guy sought me out at the end of the week because he’d been putting off having a biopsy. We went for a beer, had a chat and he promised me he’d go and get it done when he got home.”

Watch Phil ride the legendary mountain course and open the throttle at the Ramsey Sprint.