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Motolady LA show

MotoLady’s Women’s Motorcycle Show – the bikes

From Lucky Wheels Garage's third annual event

During his ride-out and visit to the 3rd Annual Women’s Motorcycle Show last month, our Hollywood reporter Reagan Alexander chose his favourite Triumph builds from the 27 on show and the hundreds outside the venue. Which most likely led to the early end of the evening compliments of the LAPD, also precipitated by the fact that Alicia (show-organiser) had to turn bike owners and bike builders away this year.

Kristina Kelly – Boulder City, Nevada

Motorcycle – 1965 Triumph Tiger T100SR

LA Women's Motorcycle Show


  • Ceriani front end
  • Bates seat
  • Custom high pipes
  • Ridiculously large skid plate

I started working in motorcycle shops when I was about 19 and it was about 11 years ago when I bought my first bike, which was a Triumph Speedmaster, and I never looked back.

I actually worked in a Triumph dealership, which helped. My first bike was completely customised; the place I worked at had built it and it just fit me perfectly. It’s what really got me to fall in love with Triumphs.

The vintage bikes are a little more testy, of course, but they are so much fun to ride. It’s rougher, it’s tougher, you can’t necessarily go as fast and they are not nearly as dependable as the new bikes but they still just put a smile on your face every time you ride them.

This bike had been sitting in a storage container in the high desert for years. The guy had been storing it for a friend and, when we went to look at some other bikes he had, I instantly loved it. How many bikes do you see with such a sweet hand-painted horse on them? (Oh, and if you are looking for the hand-painted horse, it is on the other side.)

Motorcycle – 1970 Triumph Daytona T100R

Womens' Motorcycle Show

My boyfriend and I actually found it off Craigslist in Las Vegas and it is kind of the best of the 500s. It had the dual front brakes and was really the last of the good 500 Daytonas: the race bike of the time.

We went to go look at it and it had this weird, funky face [painted] on it and the ribbon design on it was actually kind of rainbow-coloured. I fell in love with the purple part – I have a 2013 Bonneville that is purple and white too.

My boyfriend, being the Triumph expert that he is, started looking at it, realised that other than the paint, the handlebar and the exhaust it was bone stock. It actually had the stock tyres on it from 1970.

We decided to make some modifications to the paint to make it all fit together. The weird face thing that was on the top [of the tank] was actually chipping off, so I got a screwdriver out, chipped it all off, sanded the tank and ended up with this weird halo from it. So, we painted the panels on the top, [my boyfriend] did the airbrushing and a friend of ours ended up doing the pin-striping.

Adrienne Driggs – Phoenix, Arizona

Motorcycle – 2012 Triumph Street Triple 675

Womens' Motorcycle Show

The first bike I had was a Suzuki. It was kind of sporty. I always liked the sport bike a little more, so when [that] learner bike died, I was going around looking at shops and I was trying to be objective about trying different bikes.

I went to all kinds of different dealers but I knew my end goal was to buy a Ducati. I went to the Euro-Shop last and I remember walking into the shop and I had to walk by a line of Triumphs to get to the Ducati and I slowed my roll and said: ‘What…. What is Triumph?! What is this?!’

I actually had never even heard of Triumph up until that point. I walked up to the Street Triples – they had a pair of them, a red one and a black one sitting there – and I was trying to be coy because you never want to let the salesperson know what it is you actually want.

I remember thinking, ‘huh, that’s nice… I know I want a Ducati, but that is nice.

I like the lines on that…

I love the angles…

I love the lean…

The shape…

Everything about that looks really nice.

I am just going to sit on it…’

And I sat on it, and I was like, ‘Oh, this is really nice’.

It is absolutely a love story. I have friends joke all the time that my bike is my boyfriend. I honestly rarely date and I spend most of my time riding.

Corinne Hall – Newport Beach, California

Motorcycle – 2014 Triumph Bonneville T100

Name – Saffron

Womens' Motorcycle Show

Builder – Hayden Roberts

This project began because I am a vintage car and motorcycle buff. When I purchased a newer bike, I knew right away I had to add my personal touch as soon as possible. I had admired Hayden’s handiwork but also figured he wouldn’t dare touch a new bike. I was wrong!

It’s a natural fit to collaborate with someone who gets you. He really pulled all my passions together, from choosing the vintage Porsche Bahama yellow colour scheme to the houndstooth upholstery, the rally-car-style side badge with retro Triumph car logo on the tank and adding a pinch of vintage by replacing the rear fender with a 1970 TR6C brushed aluminum fender and brake light.

Everyone really dialled it in and in my eyes it’s a work of art.

Kristine Peach – Calabasas, California

Builder (and other half) – Wes White, Four Aces Cycle

Motorcycle – 1953 Triumph 650cc

Name – The Humblebee

Everything on this bike was customised for straight line racing. That included unique gas tanks, oil tank, battery box, fender and seat.

The Humblebee was built for racing at California’s El Mirage Dry Lake and the famed Bonneville Salt Flats and I’ve been riding it there for three or four years now.

Photos: Alex Martino