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DGR 2016

4 reasons to join the DGR…

... and watch the best bits of 2016

With 2017’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) fast approaching – it’s on 24 September – we take a look back to Triumph riders at 2016’s event and pick out the four elements that make the DGR a must-participate ride.

1. Oh so dapper

Tweed suits and bow ties paired with open-face helmets are the outfit of choice for many. Take a quick look around you at any of the DGR rides and it’s as if you’ve stepped back into the 1950s. The effort and turnout of participants is impressive and thanks to their commitment, the DGR has a huge sense of occasion about it.


2. Many, many, motorcycles

Last year, 56,000 riders hit the roads in 505 cities and this year will no doubt see even more turn out. Through the city centres, a sea of motorcycles brings with it a wall of noise as riders make their way through the streets – it’s a sight like no other.


3. Global presence

The DGR has a massive international presence, from Indianapolis to Morocco, so in registering and riding you’re part of a major global event. League tables are in effect, so you can compete with other countries, motorcycle clubs and cities to raise the most money.


4. Charity and community

At the core of the DGR is charity. The 2017 event is focused on prostate cancer and men’s mental health, with a $5m fundraising goal. The DGR needs the motorcycling community to come together and dig deep to meet this goal, so register today and make a difference by clicking here.