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2017 Street Triple: the three kings’ verdict

Johnson, Fogarty and Stapleford have their say

The motorcycle media have spoken in glowing terms about the new Street Triple… and they haven’t even swung their leg over it yet. So we thought we’d ask three of the world’s best race riders who were among the first to try out the game-changing new bike – and some Triumph riders – for their opinion.

Superbike king Carl Fogarty is adamant that the new Street Triple is a guaranteed cure for man flu.

When Triumph called the four-time Superbike World Championship winner to ask him to test ride the 765cc bike on a cold, rainy and windswept English track, he was laid up in bed.

“I’d had man flu for a week and every bloke knows how bad that is, so when the call came to test it, I didn’t want to do it I felt so ill. But then I thought I had to be one of the first to ride it or I’d kick myself,” says Foggy.

“I dragged myself to the track and it was damp and cold and I felt like xxxx, but as soon as I rode it and then pulled in at the end of the ride I was buzzing and suddenly felt loads better. It’s definitely a feel-good bike and if you’re feeling rubbish, it will blow it all away.”

Carl Fogarty, Gary Johnson, Street Triple RS Launch, Triumph Motorcycles, Arcelor Mittal Orbit
Gary Johnson and Carl Fogarty pose with the New Street Triple

Foggy was thrilled with the ride position of the RS, which, uncharacteristically and maybe because he wasn’t feeling great, he tried with all the rider-focused technology on.

“I left it all on and it felt brilliant to ride. The subtle changes they’ve made to the look of it all work really well. It’s the kind of bike that’s made for the street, but you can tell it’s also itching to get out on the track,” he says.

“If no one had told me it was a 765cc, I’d have said it was a 900. The sound of that triple motor is great but, above all, it’s a good fun bike to ride and very agile as well.”

Street Triple RS, Street Triple S, Street Triple R

Triumph rider Nick Corper, from Reading in Berkshire, UK says: “This is an evolution of quality and it’s fantastic. I love the Brembo brakes front and rear and the new screen. Triumph look like they’ve nailed it again.”
Bulldog Reading dealer Jason Bowen says: “In a word it’s awesome. I’m blown away by the style and more aggressive stance. It also looks a load more refined and the power and performance is obviously a huge upgrade.”

Gary Johnson, Street Triple RS Launch, Triumph Motorcycles, Arcelor Mittal Orbit
Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson – two-time Isle of Man Supersport winner in 2011 and 2014 with Triumph

“I really enjoyed riding it because it has more cc and disproportionately more torque. I’m not interested in HP… I just want more grunt.

“The new Street Triples are so light, but the balance is incredible. We were doing a full lock in a circle and it just kept going round and round, it was so stable. You could also flip it over and take it out of the bend and it just kept wanting to go faster and faster.

“Some of these naked bikes ride rubbish, but if you stuck a full fairing on this, it would be a race bike. It’s definitely fast enough.

“You could say the 2007 model was a groundbreaker, but this takes it to a new level.
Once I switched all the riding aids off and got it on the track, my first reaction was honestly ‘when can I get one?’ because it’s a bike you just want to have fun on.”

Robbie Montgomery, from Barnet, north London, says: “This is the business. They’ve made a lot of subtle touches to the look of it, but it sounds like the engine is the department where this changes everything. I’m getting one as soon as I can. I work in south London, so I need something fun for my commute.”

Luke Stapleford – World Supersport rider and British Supersport Champion on Triumph, 2015

“The engine is the first thing that really strikes you because it makes it really similar to the supersport bike I ride. It was so easy to ride.

“The turning circle was amazing and it’s a bike that’s genuinely built for the road. We tried it out on the track and it was brilliant in the turns and flat out. The tech means you’ve got confidence whatever the conditions.

Superbike, Racing, Luke Stapleford, World Champion
Luke Stapleford, World Superbike Rider

“The new dash layout is dead easy to switch between the readings fast, which is important for me, and, aesthetically, it looks brilliant. The whole package is really user friendly, from the quickshifter and lap timer on the RS to the easily interchangeable computer.

“It’s intuitive and can be customised to suit each rider and that’s what the road guys are after, but it’s also a Daytona without the fairing and looks cool thanks to those aggressive lights and the whole stance.”

Paul Odell, from Leicestershire, says: “I’ve been riding a Ducati, but three years ago I came back to the Street Triple because it’s comfortable, fast and on the road, there’s nothing to beat it.”

Triumph Motorcycles, Street Triple RS Launch, Arcelor Mittal Orbit
New Street Triple RS in Phantom Black

And James Nash, from Merseyside, says: “What a lovely bike. I’ve had Triumphs all my life but usually the classics. This will make me think again because it’s a roadster, a classic and a race bike all rolled into one. What’s not to like?”