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Top custom roadsters and supersports motorcycles

Top 5 Supersport and Roadster customs

From 3D-printed Daytonas to Speed Triple drifters

The Bonnevilles and Scramblers might be the perfect canvas for modification but that doesn’t mean Triumph’s sport bikes don’t get some attention too. They’re often the basis of some of the most interesting builds out there. Here’s our five favourite Triumph Supersport and Roadster customs.

1. Metal Gear Solid Speed Triple

This Speed Triple, by GB Motors 94, is inspired by the Metal Gear Solid video game. It’s a game packed with huge robots and plenty of futuristic weaponry – we think they’ve nailed it.

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2. Speed Triple drift demon

Sideways on a motorcycle? That’s stuff for flat track right? Apparently not… Icon’s drift bike take on the Speed Triple is full tarmac-focused machine.

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3. MotoGP-inspired retro Daytona

Taking inspiration from both MotoGP and Moto2 machines of the past, this Daytona, built by Spirit of the Seventies, is a wonderful balance of old and new.

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4. 3D-printed Daytona

Embracing new tech, this Daytona has incredible 3D-printed fairing. Looking like something out of a futuristic Japanese anime, it’s actually a really intuitive way of customising a motorcycle.

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5. Triumph 675 ‘Doomsdaytona’

Classified Moto does some of the coolest customs. Its ‘Doomsdaytona’ is a post-apocalyptic-style take on Triumph’s Daytona.

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