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Top 4 Adventure Customs

Different takes on Triumph's Tiger...

Adventure bikes aren’t the first thought when it comes to customisation, but we’ve found a few pretty interesting takes on Triumph’s Tiger. From extreme post-apocalyptic art projects to the much more subtle adjustments of the personal ride from one of The Walking Dead’s stars…

1. The Icon Dromedarii

Part motorcycle, part armoured vehicle, the Icon Tiger Dromedarii is as utilitarian as it gets. A very military take on the Tiger.


2. Triumph Snow Bike

This skidoo-meets-motorcycle is one of the most outlandish modifications out there. Ice studs on the rear and ski on the front should be able to deal with the worst winter can offer.

3. Hanse-Qustom Tiger Panzer

With back-end completely stripped away, and an orange and white colour combination with gold forks, this Tiger is like nothing else. It has an aggressively hunched-forward stance which transforms the bike from an adventurer to something of a sports machine. See more from the impressive Hanse-Qustom.

4. Norman’s Tiger

Norman’s ride of choice is his 2017 Tiger 800 XCA with some added accessories and personal touches, including his “Big Bald Head” logo and a totally blacked-out theme. He says: “I just rode the hell out of my first Tiger. I love them. I’ll take it on trails, ride to work on it. It does everything. I rode it all the way to Nashville. In the rain. That was one of my best rides. I love the blacked out Darth Vader look with my logo on it. It’s so cool.” Read the full interview.


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