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Triumph's 2019 Street Triples in Atlanta

Street Twin: perfect first motorcycle

Stuntman goes laid-back

“It’s a super nimble, easy ride,” Wyatt Carnel says about the new 2019 Street Twin. He’s used to pushing all sorts of vehicles to their limit in Hollywood productions and Netflix series. Taking it easy (relatively), Wyatt hops on a 2019 Street Twin for a Triumph shoot and gives his view.

On a hot Atlanta day, the Triumph team set up to catch some video footage of the new Street Twin. Wyatt, known for his stunt work on Guardians of the Galaxy, Mercenaries and No Good Gang Girls, takes the Triumph for a spin.

“I do wheelies and burnouts and drifts. That’s my main thing if I’m riding for film,” he explains. “I raced motocross too, so I’ve got some dirt background. I’m used to riding 1200s, but the Street Twin still has the torque you need, cornering is really smooth, it handles so well.”

Whipping the bike around town Wyatt got a great feel of how the bike reacts to a city environment: “The geometry of the bike is amazing. It’s perfectly balanced and set up nicely. The low centre of gravity means you can weave and turn with a light touch. Around town it’s fantastic and perfect with a pillion.

“When we were downtown I got to see how it did in traffic and on the open roads. It was brilliant as an urban bike.”

Riding all sorts of motorcycles as part of his day job, he praises the Street Twin for its accessibility and as a base to make your own.

“As a first bike, this is perfect,” he says. “It’s so easy to ride but doesn’t lack fun factor. It’s also a great base for customisation – I customise my bikes and you can see the potential in this Street Twin. Stick some different bars and risers on it and you’ve transformed the bike.

“It could be great with a flat-track vibe or a taller motocross look. I mean, it looks great stock, but you could really personalise this thing.”