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Triumph Scrambler 1200

Scrambler 1200: A new leader is born

Serious off-roader, classic style

Scrambling runs deep in Triumph’s DNA. Back in the mid 50s, Triumph blazed a trail with the leading performance bikes of the day as stripped-back desert racers hit the dirt, dust and sand.

These were the original desert sleds that inspired the first production Scramblers – the iconic TR6 SC and T120 TT… the bikes that Steve McQueen took to the sand and helped Bud Ekins power to desert glory.

Now, Triumph has used every inch of its expertise and decades of off-road bloodline to create something truly incredible.

Meet the new Scrambler 1200 line-up. Adventure performance meets classic style.

The reveal

Launched at the ExCel London with a live racing event last night, the Scrambler 1200s have already sent a jolt through the biking world.

“The bike is so good. I’ve been testing it in the desert and the suspension is no joke. I’ve tried to bottom it out and I couldn’t! The amazing thing is all the Scramblers here tonight are completely stock other than a few small tweaks. These are built for hard off-road use straight out of the box.”

Ernie Vigil with Triumph’s Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Stroud

It’s in the blood

The Scrambler story really is a Triumph story. At first, riders used stock Triumphs as a template for modifying for off-road. Reacting to a growing appetite for hitting the dirt, Triumph produced the first production Scramblers in the 1950s.

These highly collectible Triumphs were dedicated racing bikes featuring unique suspension and engine modifications tailor-made for agile off-road performance, singling them out as the weapon of choice for professional stunt riders such as Evel Knievel – who chose the T120 TT for his jump across the Caesar’s Palace fountains – to desert racers alike.

For riders competing in the most gruelling races on the planet, from the Big Bear Hare and Hound, the International Six Day Trials and desert racing, these were the bikes not to be messed with.

Fast-forward to 2006 and Triumph redefined the term it helped create with the first modern-era Triumph Scramblers, which triggered the new world of Scramblers that we see today. Now they’re set to pioneer the next generation of Scrambler style and performance…

A new benchmark

A brand-new range focusing on true off-road performance, the Scrambler is unique in class. Launching in two specifications – the XC and higher spec XE – the 1200cc high-powered Scramblers set a new benchmark in performance and capability.

The XC is a genuine all-purpose road and off-road bike, whereas the XE – while being great on the road – is set up for more extreme off-road performance.

At its heart, the high-powered 1200cc twin engine has a specific Scrambler tune and delivers a thrilling 110Nm @3950rpm, matched only by a deep, punchy soundtrack courtesy of  a 2-into-1 high pipe with stainless steel headers and brushed stainless steel silencers. Its charismatic 270 firing interval delivers the power in a smooth, linear way through a six-speed gearbox.

This really is a new level in terms of performance – a huge 38% more power than the 2019 Street Scrambler 900. The Scrambler 1200 will deliver its power low down and across the mid-range for optimal control for off-road.

Revolutionary tech

It’s not all about power though. These are bikes complemented by a wealth of class-leading tech designed to tailor performance to suit every road and any terrain.

Second generation TFT instruments display up to six riding modes, and the XE takes that to another level with cornering optimised ABS and traction control.

All the tech is beautifully integrated, with switch cubes and a 5-way joystick, illuminated backlit switches and all-LED lighting. Not to mention the torque-assisted clutch, keyless ignition and cruise control. The XE version also gets heated grips as standard.

Pushing the envelope further, the Scrambler 1200 has a world-first motorcycle integrated GoPro control system and turn-by-turn navigation system, brought to life by Triumph’s first accessory-fitted Bluetooth model, also featuring a phone and music control option.

Scrambler style

Signature Scrambler details keep both the XC and XE firmly in touch with their 60s roots but deliver a 21st century take on Scrambler style, with a sculpted seamless fuel tank, beautifully engineered side-laced wheels and a classic bench seat.

The XE comes with some extras fitting to its extreme off-road potential: the hand guard has an aluminium brace, there’s a Brembo MCS lever, plus silver handlebar finish and gold forks. Two paint schemes are available for each bike. The XC comes in Jet Black/Matt Black or Khaki Green/Brooklands Green, and the XE gets Fusion White/Brooklands Green or Cobalt Blue/Jet Black.

In line with Triumph’s other offerings, the Scrambler will come with a huge amount of custom accessories. More than 80 options for customising your Scrambler mean there’s plenty of scope for personalisation.

Serious about suspension

Tailored to be great on road but to be the first of a kind for off-road capability, Triumph has developed a chassis tailored for both and teamed up with Ohlins to provide one of a kind, fully adjustable twin-spring rear suspension set-up.

Designed for amazing off-road capability and huge ground clearance, these units are inspired by early 70s motocross springs but deliver a whole new level of performance.

Showa forks upfront round out the suspension package – fully adjustable all around – which confirms that these Scrambler 1200s are very serious about hitting the rough stuff.

Get inspired

Launched with two inspiration kits to showcase how these bikes are both classic in style, yet extreme in performance, the ‘Escape’ and ‘Extreme’ kits show riders what’s possible with the accessories on offer.

Extreme capability and beautiful style make the Scrambler 1200 the real deal. It will cross continents and scale rocks with the best of them, but will turn heads wherever you park up.

An incredible blend of Triumph heritage looks and adventure performance, the Scrambler 1200 is redefining what it means to hold the iconic Scrambler title.

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