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Lunar-inspired Scrambler

Forget moon buggy, how about moon bike?

Out of Massa, in Italy, the Alo’s Café workshop customises all models of Triumph motorcycles. Building many one-offs for customers, Alo’s fits their special brand of accessories, all of which are handmade in Italy. FTR gets the first look at their latest ‘Lunar’ Scrambler build.


Italian style

Alo’s began in 2002 and became well known for their leather seats, in particular the Alo’s Smart Seat with clever storage pouch. Now with a huge array of accessories, they often create custom builds, mostly using Triumphs, to showcase their range.



Raffaele Ferraro from Alo’s Café fills us in on this concept-based motorcycle. “The Lunar is our interpretation of the (air-cooled) Triumph Scrambler. We were inspired by the colours and terrain of the lunar environment, so we imagined a motorcycle that looked like it could be at home on the moon.”

Far from a serious design brief, this artistic aim has resulted in one of the more interesting custom Scramblers out there. Gone is the dark green, heavy-set look with oversized tyres you see so often; the Lunar is light and airy with more traditional Scrambler proportions.


Moon modifications

“We painted the bike white and hand-painted the red Triumph logo. Also, we have remodelled the mudguards, added a handlebar bumper, and a pannier and slim seat in natural vintage leather. The tyres are off-road style, as are the rear lights, and there’s a Zard 2-1 exhaust. It’s a motorcycle that’s ready for any adventure that you can imagine.”

With space tourism on the rise, perhaps we’ll be scrambling across the moon sooner than we think, although they may have to rethink the air-cooled petrol engine…

Photos: Luca Nobile

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