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Rocket 3

2019: Rocket 3 R and GT

The ultimate high performance muscle roadster is here

Meet the world’s largest production motorcycle engine. With the highest torque and fully loaded, the new Rocket 3 R and GT are impressive new arrivals. Find out what the press thought too.

The new Rocket 3s are the perfect blend. Think incredible acceleration and a sturdy muscular stance. It’s designed to mix up that laid-back riding attitude with performance. Impressed, yet? Just keep reading…

Heart of the beast

The all-new 2,500cc triple engine delivers incredible acceleration and performance. In fact, it’s the highest torque of any production motorcycle with 221Nm @ 4,000rpm. Power is pretty thrilling too with 167 PS @ 6,000 rpm, 11% up on previous generation.

The distinctive new hydroformed exhaust headers have been engineered for the perfect exhaust routing, flowing from the header into the combined cat box and onto the triple exit silencer, delivering a unique deep growling Rocket 3 soundtrack.

Staggering style

With detailing such as the new signature twin LED headlight, including Triumph maker’s mark triangle branding and the sculpted 3-header exhaust run, the new Rocket 3 line-up is imposing.

The all-new lightweight multi-spoke cast aluminium wheels are fitted with Avon Cobra Chrome tyres, which are developed especially for the Rocket 3. The rear tyre is an ample 240mm wide! The Rocket 3 R’s wheels feature a blacked-out finish, while the GT model goes one step further with exposed machining on rim and spokes.

Contributing to the Rocket 3’s clean, uncluttered styling is the beautifully engineered single-sided swingarm, with offset monoshock suspension and high-quality finishing on the bevel box. Note how the neat internally-wired handlebars further reinforce the bike’s muscular feel and commanding riding position. The R model features roadster-style handlebars, while the GT model has touring-oriented handlebars enhancing its touring comfort and capability.

Rocket 3 R and GT

Handling and technology masterpiece

With a weight saving of more than 40kg thanks to their new engine and high-specification mass-optimised aluminium frame, the new Rocket 3 R and GT are both more than 13% lighter than the previous generation and deliver an incredible torque-to-weight ratio, over 25% higher than the closest competition.

Contributing to its superior riding comfort and exceptional touring capability and handling, the new Rocket 3 motorcycles feature high specification adjustable Showa suspension units and the highest specification Brembo Stylema® calipers.

Furthermore, the Rocket 3 line-up features 2nd generation TFT instruments and optimised cornering ABS and traction control , both supported by an IMU. They also boast ‘Road’, ‘Rain’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Rider’-configurable riding modes which adjust the throttle response and traction control settings to suit rider preference and riding conditions. The riding modes are easily changed on the move via the intuitive illuminated switch cubes.

That’s not forgetting hill hold, keyless ignition, cruise control and My Triumph Connectivity. You can see the full spec here.

Rocket 3 R

Two of a kind

This new line-up introduces two amazing model choices. The R delivers instantaneous world-leading torque, incredible control, comfort and capability, while the GT is built to go even further, in more comfort, with even more effortless touring capability.

Featuring a roadster rider and pillion saddle, the R has a low 773mm seat height, while the GT features a touring rider and pillion saddle set-up, with an even more accessible 750mm seat height. Additionally, the GT benefits from a brushed aluminium pillion backrest as standard.

For maximum comfort for every rider, each Rocket 3 model offers a range of rider-adjustable ergonomics. The mid-foot controls of the R have two vertical position settings to choose from. When it comes to the GT, the rider has even more options, with feet-forward foot controls with three horizontal positions and also a height adjustable pillion backrest.

These new generation Rocket 3s draw a distinct line in the sand, outstripping the competition in power, performance and style. Find out more about the Rocket 3 R and GT.

Now get ready to enhance your journey

The new Rocket 3 R and GT can be personalised to suit the rider’s preferences with more than 50 genuine Triumph accessories that enhance the Rocket 3’s luggage, comfort, practicality, style and security. The new accessories range includes sports panniers, passenger backrest rack, roadster and touring handlebars, rider seat pad, sport screen and the new Track+ and Protect+ Thatcham approved tracker and alarm system respectively.

There is also the all-new ‘Highway’ inspiration kit, showcasing the additional level of touring capability that can be added to the Rocket 3. Triumph combined a selection of luggage and touring focused accessories that riders can use as the starting point to design their own Rocket 3 R and GT or to have fitted by their dealer as a complete set.

The real rider’s review

Mark Holmes, who rode around the world on an original Rocket and was a guest of honour at the launch (below far left), joked: “I promised I wouldn’t do it again, but the new GT is making me think again. The weight loss in the engine and chassis, greater capacity and torque and of course the upgrade in tech mean it’s going to seriously tempt me.

“New additions like hill hold, cruise control, integrated GoPro and even the interchangeable pillion seats, bring the range right into the modern day and show how quickly the Rocket has evolved.”

Press have their say

Chris Northover, from US, agreed: “The new Rockets are a big step up and make some huge claims in terms of having 71% more peak torque than their nearest rival. The old Rocket is a very individual thing but the GT and R will benefit from better handling and rider tech while it also takes that unique muscular styling and looks to another level.”

Rocket launch party

It’s a strong macho bike

David Remon, from in Spain, said: “The R has a strong sports edge and looks dynamic so I’m sure it will mark a new chapter in the Rocket range. Both the Rocket 3s have real personality and exclusivity. I think the GT will be a perfect upgrade for current Rocket owners while the R will bring in new riders because of its capacity, torque, acceleration and sporty roadster feel. It’s a strong, macho bike.”

Triumph launch party

This is a chance to tame the beast

Former Top Gear co-host Rory Reid said: “I’m a big fan of that enormous rear wheel and triple exhaust which gives them a steampunk kind of vibe. Both bikes look intimidating and almost shout ‘ride me if you dare’. These Rockets are big beasts and for me that’s part of the appeal, because this is a chance to tame the beast. I’d go for the Roadster for purely selfish reasons because the ride is for yourself.”

Reid at launch event

You can feel the power with a flick of the throttle

Aurelien Ranea, from Moto-Journal in France, said: “These bikes are very clever because they say it’s okay to have more power and torque despite having less weight and all three are things that will open up the Rocket to a new audience of people who want that powerful sports stance with long ride comfort and ostentatious looks. You can feel the power with a flick of the throttle even when the bikes are standing still.”

Triumph launch