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Riding a motorcycle through the Australian alps

Why I Ride: for the excitement

The Aussie Alps on a Triumph...

Bob Drakeford is celebrating almost half a century of swinging his leg over Triumphs by announcing a very definite change of direction.

Until around a year ago he was a dedicated Street Triple R rider for the out and out fun and power of rides on asphalt near his home in Victoria, Australia. But as Bob nudged past 60, the lure of the open road could no longer be contained, as he admits: “I had a desperate yearning to try something different. I changed to a 2016 Triumph Explorer XCA 1200 and I get out on it as often as I can. I’ve been riding since I was 14 and I’ve never known anything like this.

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“I did lots of research before I got my Explorer and I haven’t been disappointed. It lives up to its reputation. Now I leave home in the morning and ride all day with a few stops if I need them, otherwise I just keep on riding.”

A recent three-day trip with a friend saw the pair explore the Mount Hotham, Falls Creek, Mount Beauty and Mount Buffalo areas of Victoria in the 77,000-acre national park, 350km north of Melbourne in the Australian Alps.

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The Australian Alps

Bob says: “The Expedition Panniers allow me to stock my lunch and coffee for the journey, but it’s the freedom and excitement this Triumph offers that’s absolutely brilliant. There are so many more trips to come thanks to my change of bike.”

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Falls Creek