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Triumph Milan

The Triumph Milan family

Landscapes, good food, chill-outs

Known and loved by its friends as TCM, the Triumph Club Milano offers exciting rides for its members around the vibrant Italian city.

Members look forward to a packed calendar of events each year, with any profits going to charity.

Milano Triumph Club
Cruising through downtown Milan

After all, freedom and brotherhood are the beating heart of this owners’ club that’s still in its infancy but expanding every year. FTR asked, Vice President, Francesco Bonaccorso to explain what has made TCM the quick-fire success it’s been.

Tell us a bit about your club.

We were founded in March 2012, quite by chance, by a group of friends who used to meet every week for a beer and to share their common passion for Triumph motorcycles and the rides on their ‘English bikes’. Landscapes, good food and chill-outs were the core elements of the group and as time went by, more and more people in Milan and its surrounding neighbourhoods started joining.

Milano Triumph Club
The Milano crew at the Italian Distinguished Gentlemen Ride

Today we’re the biggest Triumph club in Italy, as well as one of the most important Triumph clubs in Europe, and we’re proud to be recognised by the guys and girls in Hinckley.

There have been a lot of changes over the years. Some have left the club while other younger riders have joined, which has helped us diversify with people of different ages, different Triumphs, and varying riding styles and interests. But it has always kept its original identity and spirit, with the common passion for rides and fun.

How has the club grown?

One of the most popular is the Triumph Milano City tour, where more than 450 Triumphs come together to ride around the streets of Milan. From 2013 we introduced membership subscriptions to promote and help us grow. Now the financial statement is public and any ‘profit’ gained is donated to charity. It means we can organise many events during the year.

Downtown Brera – one of Triumph Milano's local destinations

What does Triumph mean to the club?

Motorcycle style and history, as well as an opportunity to share moments of joy and feel part of a bigger family with our riding brothers.

Tell us about some of your rides out…

We take rides throughout the whole year and arrange brief tours around Milan on the weekends and long trips lasting days too. In recent years, besides the Tridays tours, we’ve travelled across France, Slovenia and Croatia and by the time you read this we’ll have been on a new week-long tour to Sicily.

So where should we go if we’re visiting Milan?

You must visit Motosplash and Ciapa La Moto – which has become the main meeting point for Italian motorbike aficionados. It’s like an Italian version of London’s Ace Cafe and is where the club celebrates its anniversaries. The Blues Biker is also a really great biker pub, well worth checking out.

Milano Triumph club

The Milanese bikers either go downtown to Brera or to the Navigli area to have a beer. The joy of being here is that Lake Como, where you can enjoy the marvellous landscape of the lake at sunset, isn’t far away. During the spring season Il Ponte delle Barche on the Ticino river is a popular but crowded place to chill out with your bike.

Why Triumph?

At the start, every member liked Triumph’s motorcycles for various reasons. One for personal taste, another for the bike’s performance and style. Soon the passion for Triumph grew as did the people’s sense of belonging to the club. Over the years people have changed their bikes but still remain attached to the brand and always close to the family of Triumph Club Milano.

Milano Triumph Club