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New Street Triple: Critics’ view

“A bike of soul and character built with passion”

Busting through the traffic or tearing up the track, the newest Triumph Street Triple looks like being a crowd-pleaser.

Big names from the motorcycle media watched as stunt stars Ernie Vigil and Julien Welsch put the all-new 2017 models to the test.

And the critics’ verdict for the first launch of the model since its much lauded arrival a decade ago was a resounding, game-changing thumbs up.

New Street Triple RS, Phantom Black

“It’s certainly the right decision by Triumph. Ten years ago the Street Triple was the biggest success on our site and I think this will be even bigger,” said Christoph Lentsch from 1000PS magazine.

“There are some strong bikes in this segment but none as light or agile as this. Triumph have been incredibly brave in taking the others on and I’m sure that bravery will be rewarded because these new bikes build on the emotional ties their fans already have, and then takes them to a whole new level.”

Christophe Lentsch, 1000ps, Motorcycle Journalist
Christophe Lentsch

Dutch van Someren, from The Bike Shed, believes the new range could bridge the gap between the lifestyle and sport segments and herald a new era for Triumph.

“I’m a bit of an interloper because we focus on the lifestyle side and old school classic bikes, but more and more we are getting excited by bikes like this which are bringing the segments together,” he said.

“This looks like a family of bikes all packed with soul and character, but most importantly created by passionate people. As with all the new Triumphs the build quality and finish just get better and better.”

He added: “I love the Triple engine because of that blend between revs and torque. The in-line four engines give you the most power but not in an exciting way like this. With this you get the best of both worlds.”

The media were unanimous in agreeing that increased power, performance and torque will be a huge hit with existing Triumph riders and those looking to make take it to the track or make their trip to the office that bit more of a buzz.

The three new models – the Street Triple S, R and RS – boast ascending levels of power and torque from the all new 765cc engine, which marks a significant step forward in low and mid-range performance.

Ride-by-wire technology, varying riding modes and a new onboard computer come as standard, while the R and RS feature new switchable ABS. A lap timer and a quickshifter, to shave off those vital few seconds, are exclusive to the RS.


New Street Triple RS Diablo Red
New Street Triple, Diablo Red

The technology now synonymous with all-new Hinckley builds is there in bundles, but it’s the higher spec suspension, brakes and tyres twinned with a ‘lightest in class’ mantle that captured the imagination at the launch at London’s Olympic Park.

Richard Newland, deputy editor at Motorcycle News, said: “This is a fantastic evolution for what is undoubtedly the UK’s most popular middleweight naked bike which has defined its success and set the tone for the segment since its launch 10 years ago.

“It moves the game on dramatically in terms of the engine, but perhaps the most noticeable thing is the improvement to the level of spec and the attention to detail which we have seen increasingly from Triumph over the last couple of years particularly.”


He added: “The new Street Triple look has been brought more into line with the Speed Triple. Now it’s up to us to inform our readers of why they should upgrade to the new model.”

The RS, the most explosive and adrenalin-charged Street Triple ever, was the star attraction for the experts because of its groundbreaking performance level, delivering 16% more power and 13% more peak torque than its predecessor.

Matt Hull, of Ride magazine, said: “This is the bike I was going to build by taking a 675R, ripping the fairing off and putting a single headlight on, but now Triumph have done it for me. This is my ideal bike.

New Street Triple, lightest in class.
New Street Triple, lightest in class.

“I like the different, more purposeful stance. Its still got the aggressive lines but the sportier twin seat and a far more detailed on-board computer and display.”

Patrick Sauter, from German Mo Motorrad Magazine, agreed: “This looks like a big step forward but it also keeps the same styling that fans of the original love.”

And Chris Cope, from, said he would reserve judgment fully until he’d ridden one of the stable: “The Street Triple is such an iconic bike you wonder how they could improve on it… but they definitely have.

Superbike, Racing, Luke Stapleford, World Champion
Luke Stapleford, World Superbike Rider

“It’s still got all the talking points of the original like the distinctive howl which is even more of a roar now, but there’s so much more they have crammed in whilst also losing weight and upping the grunt. Impressive.”

The Street Triple’s colour options are now a striking Diablo Red or Phantom Black (S), Jet Black, Matt Aluminium Silver or Crystal White (R) or cool metallic Matt Silver Ice or Phantom Black for the RS.

And there’s been a revolution in the attention to detail and style to deliver more attitude and a sharper, more athletic poise in homage to the last generation’s nose-down attitude.

US stunt artist Ernie Vigil, one of the first to test the bike, had the final word: “I think it’s amazing. I’ve been on 600 class bikes for a while but have always needed something with a little more power.

ErnieVigil, JulienWelsch
Ernie Vigil & Julien Welsch

“The new Street Triple delivers dynamic linear and usable power with much more bite, yet it’s lighter and more stable. It almost seems impossible, but I can tell you it isn’t… as people will discover when they try it for themselves.”

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